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August 1, 2020

20days 22hrs : 10min
Disinviting Guests due to Covid
Taylor, on May 20, 2020 at 9:39 PM

We decided to have a small ceremony and reception at our home since our venue cancelled, so we will be going from a guest list of 85, to 25. We already ordered personalized wedding favors for...

Tina, May 21, 2020 4 163 2
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Outfits
Taylor, on March 31, 2020 at 6:23 PM

Help! My fiancé wants him and the groomsmen to wear grey suits and black shoes, I want them to wear midnight blue and brown shoes. Our bridesmaids are wearing deep teal dresses (already purchased.)...

Elizabeth, Apr 1, 2020 10
Seating Guests
Taylor, on September 11, 2019 at 6:18 PM

Hi guys! I wanted to get custom favors with my guests names and table numbers on them. Something they can take home. We’re getting married at a brewery so I was thinking custom coasters. Any ideas are...

Sara, Sep 12, 2019 7 80