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Wedding Bus and Limo Service Cost Guide

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Location: National
Average Transportation cost $750 Lower range $200 or less Upper range $1,800 or more Most couples spend between $500 - $1,100

Costs displayed in graph are based on spend from thousands of couples who recently reported pricing for this service within their WeddingWire review. Pricing varies based on factors including, but not limited to, vendor’s experience, level of expertise, event guest count, date, and geographic region.

How much do wedding bus rentals and limo services cost?

Booking wedding transportation is important for a variety of reasons—most notably, hiring wedding limo service or a wedding bus ensures that you and your guests will arrive to your wedding events on time and safely. While the average wedding bus and wedding limo cost varies depending on your location, the type of vehicle you’re renting, and the number of hours, the average couple in the U.S. spends about $750 on their wedding-day transportation. This cost has actually increased over the years, as more couples are providing transportation for their guests, as well as themselves.

What are the typical vehicle options for wedding transportation?

While a standard limousine is the most common form of wedding transportation, many transportation companies offer a variety of options. If you’re looking to transport a larger number of guests (which not only is a nice gesture, but it also helps avoid drinking and driving), a wedding bus rental is a good idea, as are trolleys, party buses, or vans. There are also different types of limousines, including stretch limos and SUV limos. For a vintage-inspired wedding, a classic car is a lovely choice, or you might choose to arrive or exit via horse and carriage for that ultimate fairy tale vibe.

When should I hire wedding transportation?

Wedding transportation is often one of the last wedding vendors couple book—but don’t wait too long! We recommend securing your wedding limo service at least three months before your wedding day. Start researching limo or bus rental for your wedding by reading online reviews. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of companies, reach out to a few to learn more about prices and logistics.

What questions should I ask before hiring wedding transportation?

No matter what type of wedding transportation you’re looking to hire, from limo service to a wedding bus, there are certain questions that are important to ask any transportation company.

  • What are the terms of the contract?
  • What does your wedding limo cost? What about your wedding bus service?
  • What types of vehicles does your company offer?
  • Are the vehicles insured?
  • Are your chauffeurs professionally hired and trained?
  • Do you have back-up options in case the vehicle breaks down on the wedding day?
  • Do your vehicles have GPS?
  • How many people can fit inside each vehicle comfortably?
  • Do you provide beverages or food in your vehicles?
  • How would you handle timing and logistics for my wedding?

Do I have to tip the drivers?

Wedding tips are an important part of your transportation budget. When it comes to wedding limo cost or wedding bus rental cost, tips are usually included in the total fee. However, if this isn’t the case, we recommend tipping between 15 to 20 percent to each driver. It’s also important to write an online review of your transportation company—giving a shout-out to drivers by name so they get deserved credit for their work.

How much of my budget should I allocate for transportation?

We recommend allocating at least two percent of your wedding budget for wedding limo service and/or wedding bus rental. While the cost of your wedding transportation can vary depending on the number of people you’d like to transport, as well as the distance and times, transportation can be a very important part of the logistics of your wedding day.

How can I save money on my wedding transportation?

Hiring a professional transportation company for your wedding day is important in ensuring that everything runs smoothly. There are, however, several ways that you can save some money on your wedding limo rental or wedding bus.

  • Host your ceremony and reception in the same place: The fewer locations your guests have to travel, the better. Hosting your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue will eliminate the need to shuttle guests in between locations. You’ll just need to secure limo service to arrive to the venue before your ceremony, and from your venue at the end of the night.
  • Book convenient hotels for out-of-town guests: The hotel blocks you book for your wedding guests should be as close to your venue as possible. Wedding bus rental is typically charged by the hour, so the less time it takes transporting your guests from hotel to venue, the better for your budget.
  • Keep your vehicles simple: Exotic cars, party buses, horse and carriages, luxury coaches, and SUV limos tend to cost more than standard sedans, vans, shuttles, or limousine service. Don’t go overboard with the type of vehicle you hire for your wedding parties—simple is often best.
  • Think size: While renting a super-luxe vehicle can be costly, so can having your wedding-day vehicles make multiple trips. Make sure that you hire vehicles that are large enough to comfortably fit the groups of people you want to transport, so that shuttles can be done quickly and efficiently without too much back-and-forth.