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Artistry, passion, and knowledge are all elements that are essential in creating a stunning floral design.  Coupled with striking colors, rich textures, and boundless creativity Wild Bunches Floral creates a flowing, seamless landscape with a style that is unique to you! 

We are a full service event florist serving the Austin, Dripping Springs, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos and surrounding area. Please feel free to call us today at 512-858-0868 or email us at wildbunchesfloral@gmail.com to set up your FREE Floral Consulation!  You can also visit us at www.wildbunchesfloral.com to see some of our work and fill our your pre-consultation form!  We look forward to meeting with you! 

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My flowers could not have been more beautiful. The best part was that they were located on site with our venue, Memory Lane. The employees are all very helpful, and accommodating. You can't go wrong with Wild Bunches. I am still enjoying my flowers in my home!

Profile Picture Mary, 6/2/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Flowers

I LOVE Wild Bunches. I was pretty nervous about picking a florist because they all seemed so expensive and I didn't have a super clear vision for what we wanted. From the first consultation I was sold on Wild Bunches. They were so laid back and helped me figure out what we wanted, they were super respectful of my budget, and were so creative and knowledgeable. And the actual event- I was blown away. We got married at Prospect House in Dripping Springs and they did the ceremony space, bouquets, windvane installation, a flower wall, and all the centerpieces and they exceeded my expectations on every front. I couldn't count the number of compliments we got if I tried. I highly, highly recommend!!

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Profile Picture Rikki, 6/1/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Flowers
Services Used: Clean Up, Consultations, Delivery, Set Up, Altar Decor, Bouquets, Table Arrangements

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Wild Bunches Floral has top notch beautiful quality floral, and great vase/decor options to add on to really bring your whole vision to life. They always do lovely work when they are at Stonehouse Villa and would recommend them for all of your floral needs!

The ladies at Wild Bunches create beautiful arrangements while incorporating the couple's unique style and ideas. They go above and beyond to produce decor for any event that will go beyond your expectations. Here at Ma Maison, we love to see what gorgeous floral arrangments Wild Bunches creates for our brides and grooms on their wedding day!

Wild Bunches is by far one of the best florists in the industry! Their ability to recreate the bride's vision is unparalleled. Even the smallest arrangements and bouquets turn out beautiful thanks to their creative eye and ability to really grasp what colors and flowers look great together. Our venue has been transformed more times than I count thanks to their gorgeous arrangements. And their creative talents are only outshines by how amazingly professional and caring they are towards their customers. You will not be disappointed if you go with Wild Bunches for your flower needs.

We first fell in love with the Wild Bunches Floral creations at a venue open house, and their beautiful stems and creations have continued to impress us! The wreaths and arrangements they made, for a recent wedding, really transformed the space and pulled together the DIY wedding with just the right pops of color to bring the space to life.

Wild Bunches is very highly recommended. It is an incredible company with the most amazing flowers. You'll be kicking yourself if you DON'T hire them for your wedding!


403 KC Memory Lane, PO Box 803, Dripping Springs, TX 78620   See On Map
512-858-0868 (phone)
Wild Bunches Floral is a wedding florist from Austin . We service weddings throughout the local area, including Dripping Springs, Hill Country , and Wimberley. Wild Bunches Floral is a professional wedding florist that has been part of the Austin wedding industry for 6 years. We specialize in wedding flowers bouquets centerpieces boutonnieres corsages special events.