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We are a wedding planning company, based in Italy, able to arrange weddings with civil validity in private locations. This is a very serious consideration, since it allows couples to be legally married in private villas, gardens, castles, beaches and many other outdoor locations all over Italy. We have professional coordinators from many countries. They are fluent in Italian, and can smooth the way for wedding couples. There are branch offices and wedding specialists all over Italy: Tuscany, Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Sicily, Lakes area

Weddings in Italy specializes in personalized arrangements and provides couples with first class services: photography, beauty services, wedding car (limousine, vintage car), videography, favors, invitations and weddings gowns.

You'll have your own personal planner to arrange every detail of your wedding in Italy. And you'll enjoy magical settings, breathtaking artistic masterpieces, fine cuisine, unlimited select tours and much more. Make the most important day of your life one to remember, with a luxury event in the home of romance- Italy!

We take care of every aspect involved in your wedding and honeymoon: we personally deal with all of your requests plus direct assistance with legal and official matters, photographers, settings, receptions, churches, florists ... and much, much more.

Searching for a Wedding Setting in Italy? A beautiful setting will create the perfect environment to celebrate your love! Unquestioned elegance and unique settings make Italy the perfect place for your destination wedding. Italy is the perfect place for your wedding and honeymoon. With a variety of spectacularly romantic settings to choose for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Specialists in wedding planning for 20 years, Vaniglia e Cannella Events will see that your dream Italian wedding comes true. We will provide all services needed to deal with Italian law, as well attention to every aspect of the wedding, itself. We offer the best venues - romantic and unique - in Italy!

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Regions serviced: Italy

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Todo el servicio fenomenal, fue una boda mágica y maravillosa, se hizo una boda muy familiar y muy emotiva tal y como queríamos, de verdad que desde el principio hasta el final lo que puedo opinar es excelente en todos los aspectos, un gran equipo y muy cercano que en un día tan importante lo necesitas

Estrella Maria

Photo of Vaniglia e Cannella Wedding & Events in Napoli,
Profile Picture Estrella Maria, 12/29/16, 1 Review
Category: Band, Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue, Ceremony Music, DJ, Entertainer, Favors & Gifts, Flowers, Invitations, Lighting & Decor, Officiant, Photography, Transportation, Travel, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planning

They made the whole wedding process so easy! Being in a different country we were a little bit worried about how the whole thing would go but Fulvia told us not to worry that it would all be ok and it was way better than ok! We were blown away by everything! All the little details and any request we made were sorted! I recommend these ladies and their team! They will make all your dreams come true!


Profile Picture Emily, 6/11/16, 1 Review
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Napoli, 80100 Italy   See On Map
0039 0811-950-4831 (phone)
Vaniglia e Cannella Wedding & Events is a wedding planner from Italy servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Amalfi, Sorrento coast and Capri island, Apulia, and Tuscany. Vaniglia e Cannella Wedding & Events is a professional weddings and events company that has been part of the italian wedding industry since 2000 specializing in luxury destination weddings.