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"More than a Catering Company"

Traditions is "More than a Catering Company", located at 3 Hampton Roads Venues: The Chesapeake Golf Club, Honey Bee Golf Club in Virginia Beach, and Cypress Point Country Club in Virginia Beach, where we can accommodate your wedding (ceremony and reception) or all occasion event. We also provide full service catering to you at your chosen location. Let us wow your guests with food and service beyond compare, while you enjoy the experience, free from worrying if your guests are being taken care of.  Call today and let us cater to your needs.

Contact us:  Phone   757-547-8009

                       Email     traditionscateringva@gmail.com


Winner of the 2012 Taste of Chesapeake Chef's Choice Award

Categories: Wedding Caterer, Wedding Venue

Regions serviced: Hampton Roads

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We began with 8 catering company’s in local area!

How did we choose which one is best?

What made Traditions Catering win?

1. Their food was delicious
2. Their prices were great
3. Zanny & Rev took the time to listen to what we wanted & needed to make our event special
4. They truly cared about doing things beautifully
5. They went above & far beyond any other catering company with their menu options & ideas
6. They were extremely organized & professional

Our charity event with Traditions Catering’s went spectacular! They exceeded my expectations!
But the best part of all was they truly cared about listening to our needs to make it a memorable day.
Indeed it was! Thank you...I wish I could give you more than 5 stars! I totally look forward to planning other events with you in the future!

Photo of Traditions Catering & Events in Chesapeake, VA
Photo of Traditions Catering & Events in Chesapeake, VA
Photo of Traditions Catering & Events in Chesapeake, VA
Profile Picture Bethanne, 3/24/18, 1 Review
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue

My husband and I originally had our whole wedding planned for May 2018, everything was going well.. until I got pregnant and had to move my wedding date up and needed to get married in February. I contacted the venue in November and I was so scared I would lose my deposit and they wouldn't be willing to move my date. To my surprise they were more than accommodating in helping me move up my date. Nicole is the best. She helped me every step of the way and worked with me going back and forth on everything and was so patient. The food is delicious and I am still hearing about how "wonderful that sesame ginger chicken was" from my guests. I couldn't have chosen a better venue. My wedding day was absolutely perfect and the staff was so helpful during both the ceremony and reception. If you're looking for a stress-free wedding day Traditions is DEFINITELY the way to go! I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

Photo of Traditions Catering & Events in Chesapeake, VA
Photo of Traditions Catering & Events in Chesapeake, VA
Photo of Traditions Catering & Events in Chesapeake, VA
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Profile Picture Julia, 2/16/18, 1 Review
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue
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You are in very good hands with Traditions Catering and Events!

Traditions Catering is one of my most highly recommended caterers. The Food and Service Staff behind it are top notch. Wherever the venue is that is requested, it feels as if you are being served in a four star restaurant. This is just my impression by being approached by staff after the ceremony with an amazing assortment of hor's d'oeuvres and seeing the main table setup and welcoming of guests. Traditions commits to excellence with their guests and it is easy to see. I would recommend them for any wedding event in the Hampton Roads area.

Traditions is the most requested caterer at the West Neck Village Hall. Their commitment and reliability to our customers far exceeds our expectations, with exceptional food offerings and great service by friendly, experienced staff. A good value and variety to meet our clients’ needs. Wonderful presentation along with their service attention to details, makes them Top of Line, our most preferred vendor.

Traditions food is addicting. Rev. will make you feel like you are eating a meal full of love that he only prepared for you. 5 Star service from top to bottom!



1201 Clubhouse Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23322   See On Map
757-547-8009 (phone)
Traditions Catering & Events is a wedding Venue and catering company from Hampton Roads servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Chesapeake , Virginia Beach , and Portsmouth. Traditions Catering & Events is a professional Catering Company that has been part of the Hampton Roads wedding industry since 2011 specializing in Hampton Roads Weddings and Special Events.