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Over the years the staff and I at Sugar Coated Bakery have had the pleasure of being part of many beautiful weddings!  We service couples having their wedding in the Greater Boston, North Shore, and Southern New Hampshire areas. I specialize in custom designed wedding cakes and grooms cakes.  While I have done a vast array of styles in the past, I always welcome new ideas from the bride and groom! Whether you are looking for a traditional sleek floral cake or a uniquely inspired cake, I will work with you to make your dream cake come true!  I have a wide portfolio of wedding cake designs that you may choose from or bring in your own picture and ideas and we'll work together to create your dream wedding cake. At Sugar Coated Bakery, I believe your wedding cake should not only look beautiful, but also taste to die for! I offer a wide array of flavors including such favorite as: Memere's Favorite Marble with Fresh Strawberries, Traditional Lemon Cake with Raspberry Mousse and Chocolate Lovers Cake (Chocolate Cake with one layer of Chocolate Mousse and one layer of Chocolate Ganache!).  Call today to schedule your tasting! 

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Regions serviced: Boston

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I ordered a sweet 16 cake a week ahead, and let me tell you! I only had a small taste of the cake and I wish I got to have a piece of it because it was so delicious! The cake was gone within 10 minutes! I secretly want to order another just so I could have it to myself! Haha, the decorations was super cute! The flavor was yummy and the texture was so good! I give this bakery 5 stars! I’m not just saying it, I appreciated the whole thing! Also, it was my first time ordering cake from an actual bakery and not Market Basket or Hannaford. Now that I’ve had the best, I’m not going back to a supermarket! I’ve been missing out! Thanks so much to Jenn and her crew for making such a delicious cake!

Profile Picture Melissa, 8/25/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

The cake was delicious and the workers were diligent in making what I wanted. I am not a fan of fondant so I used Italian sweet cream and it was so perfect you couldn't tell. My guests thought the cake wasn't real it looked so nice!

Profile Picture Deirdre, 8/18/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

We had ordered a three tier wedding cake, over the course of our planning we changed a few things here and there and the owner was very willing to work with us to get us the cake we wanted. From changing the cake size from 120 people to 70, and a little addition of a Deadpool peaking out from under the cake, the owner was awesome at taking our cake ideas and putting them into a delicious cake that my guests are still talking about. I would recommend this bakery to anyone who is seeking out an affordable and very delicious cake option for their wedding. Also she has an awesome concept of your 1 year anniversary where she will make you a fresh mini wedding cake rather than you freezing your cake, absolutely amazing idea!!

Profile Picture Eric, 6/2/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

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Cake Prices Include:
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Cupcakes (Each, Without Tax)
Starting from $4.00
Prices Include:
Custom Cake Design
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