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You know those pictures you’ve seen of a co-worker’s wedding, and she looks really stiff and all the emotions look fake and forced? Almost painful?  Yea- those weren't taken by me. 

My name is Stephanie and I'm a photojournalist who found weddings to be my forté. With such training, and with my master's degree in photojournalism, I can handle and thrive in any situation. I've even sewn a bride into her dress when her mother didn't even know what to do!  

Photography at its core enhances memories ... preserving life’s fleeting moments with a discerning eye, sharing these with a community and posterity, holding timeless that tiny slice of life as it passes by us only once.  My photographs will reflect your best selves and will age on the mantelpiece for decades.

It’s my belief that wedding photography should reveal the elation of that moment-- of a couple's slowly unfolding authentic life story.  Told through the language of photography by a master photojournalist who is discreet when necessary and at other moments an ardent art director.  

The skills of composition and lighting are basic for me because of my formal training, but heartfelt photography is more than just a collection of “images" that need to be “captured.”  Photographs of this nature honor a couple’s deep love and their collective heritage.  Two people standing, pledging their lives to each other with witnesses.  It’s an age-old rite-of-passage; and as in ancient times, is a sacred gathering.  Having gone through this very ritual, there’s been nothing as deep-felt in my life, personally.

My MA in photojournalism comes from one of the top schools in the country for this career, and I’ve won twenty-one contest entries from the prestigiously recognized, international Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).  I’ve won numerous awards for my photography with the editorial press, and I was invited to attend the exclusive Eddie Adams Workshop, a top honor for beginning photojournalists.  I’m also a pre-qualification judge for Adobe with their ADAA contest.

I’ve been published in Photo District News, Newsday, Woman’s Day, Parents Magazine, The London Sunday News Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Denver Post and The Louisville Courier-Journal among others and was chief photographer and photo editor for two newspapers. 

With the experience of photographing more than 320 weddings, I can bring you the expertise you require and expect.  I’d be honored to offer you truly believable and authentic memories of your wedding day!

                                                    ~             ~             ~             ~             ~             ~             ~

Stephanie Secrest was born in Denver, Colorado, into a family of journalists and writers in which creativity was particularly valued. She acquired her first camera at the age of 7 and started documenting her life.

She went on to receive her BA from the University of Northern Colorado, and her MA in fine arts/photojournalism from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She studied under Arnold Gassan, a colleague of Ansel Adams during their mutual work with renowned photographer Minor White.

She was among a select student body invited to attend the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop, a national forum for top young photojournalists. Stephanie was the recipient of an award in one of photojournalism's oldest, largest and most highly respected contest, the 55th Annual Pictures of the Year competition of the National Press Photographers Association, plus numerous WPJA winning photos from contests and smaller local contests.

She is currently working in Northern California as a photojournalist, and resides in the Bay Area in her tiny cottage.

Contact Stephanie for additional information via email or phone (510-337-9796).

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Regions serviced: San Francisco

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We did baby photos with Stephanie. We had 2 photo sessions: the first one is when my son is a new born (literally new born, second day after he's born) and the second one is when my son is 4 months old. First, It's very easy to work with Stephanie. Our time was not very flexible both times, because parents and siblings were visiting short amount of time, but she was still able to make it. I really appreciate her effort. Second, she is so kind that she offered us the second mini session for free because she thinks the first new born session wasted a lot of time. Last but not least, I like the photos she took. Those photos are very realistic and recorded all the happiness on our faces :)

Profile Picture Connie, 11/9/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Stephanie Secrest is a true gem and such a sweetheart! She was recommended to us by another photographer and we are ever so happy we chose her, and we are so lucky she was available! We booked her for our engagement shoot and wedding and she is amazing!! She is a dream to work with and we love her expansive photo journalism background and the fun epic shots that made us feel like movie stars. Her attention to detail is bar none and she executes the perfect shot instantly and perfectly. She is supremely talented!

She is so much fun to work with, as though we have been friends for years. Our in person meeting, Skype calls, email and text were courteous, thoughtful and super responsive. She is well organized and is chockful of awesome ideas for locations and fun romantic shots. She went above and beyond and her team are excellent shooters and made our special day. They respected our time, but captured every shot we requested. We have so many beautiful photos and we cannot wait to put together our photo album through Stephanie. She offers an album package as well and it is lovely and will be a cherished keepsakes for many years to come. Thank you endlessly Stephanie for making our engagement shoot and wedding day dreams come true!!! :D

Profile Picture Lorie, 10/6/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography
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Stephanie Secrest is a fantastic photographer who will capture the most memorable aspects of your wedding day. She's creative in using the venue, personable in working with bridal party, families and guests and has impeccable timing which makes the wedding day shine. I recommend her highly.

I love working with Stephanie! The photographs are fabulous and she just knows how to capture those special moments! Stephanie also makes it easy to have your photo taken..and putting you at ease on your wedding day is important! You need to feel comfortable with your photographer as you will be spending a whole day with them! You will not be disappointed when hiring professionals that create the spirit of your event and Stephanie is one of them.

Wonderful to work with. Total pros, whose care and talent produces beautiful photos and memories. They have a gentle, but professional air which made taking the pictures a joy, so the Bridal party was able to celebrate throughout the picture taking. Because you can't be everywhere, they show you parts of your wedding you didn't see. A great gift!

Stephanie does wonderful work, as you can see!



Alameda, CA 94501   See On Map
510-337-9796 (phone)
Secrest Wedding Photography is a wedding Photojournalist from San Francisco Bay Area. We service weddings throughout the local area, including the Wine Country, Tri-Valley, and the East Bay. Secrest Wedding Photography is a professional wedding Photojournalist that has been part of the San Francisco Bay Area wedding industry for 18 years. We specialize in Photojournalism Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography and Elopement Wedding Photography.