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SCE Event Group is a boutique wedding entertainment company in Ridgewood, New Jersey that provides a creative and innovative experience for couples and their guests on their wedding day. Servicing couples throughout the West Long Branch, Ridgewood and Philadelphia areas, SCE Event Group is passionate about the work they do and believe that “average” just doesn’t cut it. They strive to push the bar higher so you get the wedding experience you deserve and will remember long after the last song ends.

SCE Event Group was founded by Jason Jani with one focus: to shatter the standard of what people expected from a DJ entertainment service. With a staff of full-time entertainment professionals, couples and their guests will experience a magical affair on their wedding day.

Services Offered
To ensure that your wedding vision is brought to life, SCE Event Group provides a stress-free entertainment experience with every little detail personalized to your liking. Plus, SCE Event Group believes that there should be chemistry between you and your DJ, which is why they meet with you before signing any contracts. From start to finish, SCE Event Group and their staff are there for you every step of the way, while allowing you to have to control in order to create an experience you will never forget. SCE Event Group is available for the following services:

  • MC
  • Lighting/sound
  • Photo booth
  • Liability insurance

Categories: Wedding DJ, Wedding Rental

Regions serviced: Northern New Jersey, Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia

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We got married in March and Paul Knox rocked our wedding!! People were up and dancing ALL night (including myself). He played everything we wanted and added some of his own personal touches which were awesome!! Would highly recommend Paul Knox and the SCE crew!! Thanks guys!!

Profile Picture Kristin, 9/8/19, 2 Reviews
Category: DJ, Event Rentals & Photobooths

We had Nick Spinelli as our dj and LOVED him. He kept everyone on the dance floor all night. I heard him at a friends wedding three years ago and loved him then and we planned our wedding around his schedule and I'm thankful that we did. Not only is he great at his job but he has a great personality and seems to absolutely love his job too. He was so great and I will recommend him to everyone. We had people at our wedding asking for his info so they could keep him in mind for when they get married. SCE was also very easy to work with. They have a great online platform to add songs and fill out the schedule for the night. Then you also have a meeting with your DJ two weeks before the wedding. It worked out very well. We are so happy with the way our wedding turned out.

Profile Picture Erika, 5/19/19, 1 Review
Category: DJ, Event Rentals & Photobooths

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Hip Hop
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Flat Screen
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1 Wedding Deal & Discount

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Complimentary Demo Wedding CD

Redeem In-Store
Interested in learning more of the offerings provided by Sound Connection Entertainment??? We would like to send you a Wedding brochure and complimentary Demo Wedding CD which contains over 50 Different songs spanning Oldies to Current Radio hits and everything in between. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a copy of our free demo cd and wedding brochure.

Professional Network & Endorsements

SCE Event Group is a pleasure to work with! Plus they do such a wonderful job at keeping the party going as long as you wish, they are organized, professional and can fit in any budget!!! Great Choice!

KSS sends all of our couples to SCE! Hands down the best all around entertainment company by far! Over the last decade I have seen them innovate, create and impress more than any other DJ company and I know when the day comes that I will be walking down the aisle, SCE will be my first stop! Love you guys!

Working with Jason is like working with a 'celebrity' - from the cool clothing, sneaks and tattoos, to the custom turntable and DJ booths - every detail perfect, amazing mixes and mashups - SCE raises the intensity at every party they play and injects energy throughout the night - there is noone better.

O.M.G...where do I begin??? FUN ✔️ GREAT TO WORK WITH ✔️ REPUTABLE ✔️ DEPENDABLE ✔️ TALENT ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ This is not your typical "Wedding DJ"..this is an experience. An experience beyond no there you will get with any other entertainer around. Some DJ companies have one or two top DJ's, but at SCE, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the entertainers is so incredibly talented and have such a passion for what they do, nothing can surpass this company. I have been shooting weddings for 10 years..in those 10 years I have worked with literally hundreds of Entertainers. SCE is literally THE ONLY Entertainment company that I recommend to my couples with 100% confidence that they will make every wedding absolutely unforgettable. I have never been at an SCE event that did not have EVERY SINGLE person up on the dance floor and having the time of their lives! Jason Jani and the rest of the SCE crew are the best around..hands down!!!!!!!

When my future son in law gave me the criteria for a DJ for their NYE wedding I know that Jason Jani and the SCE Event Group was exactly what he wanted. i wasn't wrong. Having worked with SCE in the past I knew first hand of their attention to detail, the professionalism of their team, and their ability to fill up the dance full and keep it going all night long while still taking care of the "wedding" details. Working with SCE makes my job that much easier and i don't hesitate to refer them to clients looking for the SCE brand of style for their event.



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