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About Ryan Merrill Photography

South Florida's most sought after Wedding Photographer for dramatic portraits and candid moments

Ryan Merrill Photography is a professional wedding photography company located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Owner and photographer Ryan has over a decade of experience. Skilled in working with all types of lighting, you can ensure every picture will be of the best quality no matter the setting. His experience in editorial and advertising photography will allow you to have artistic and contemporary photos to document your special day forever.

Services Offered
Ryan Merrill Photography offers three wedding packages that can be customized based on your needs: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Their most popular package, Gold, features additional hours and a second shooter. Willing to travel to your wedding destination, they can preserve every memory regardless of the location of your special day. They book one event per day to ensure that your wedding gets the attention and dedication it deserves. Services available include the following:

  • Liability insurance
  • Multiple locations
  • Custom graphics
  • Boudoir sessions
  • Engagement sessions
  • Wedding portraits
  • Trash the dress

Products Offered
With their photography services, Ryan Merrill Photography offers an array of products. Thank you cards and save the dates are available to share your images with friends and family. Traditional items such as album and prints are also offered. The following products are available:

  • Matted prints
  • Canvas
  • Flush mount
  • Proofs
  • Negatives

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Regions serviced: Miami

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Ryan is amazing! He really is more than a photographer. His experience and professionalism shines through, allowing you to relax and have the best day of your lives! My husband and I love our wedding pictures. Ryan is seriously talent and genuinely loves what he does... You will love to have him as part of your wedding plan. ????????

Profile Picture Peter, 8/11/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

My husband and I recently received the photos from our 11/20/15 wedding, and we are loving looking at them over and over! Ryan did a fantastic job at capturing the super important moments, and even special moments that I didn't know happened until looking at the photos. It was as if we could appreciate the wedding day from so many different perspectives, by seeing the facial expressions of our guests during precious moments. I felt so comfortable with Ryan's style of taking photos. I had asked him ahead of time to get a giant group photo of everyone at the wedding, and then pick guests off from there to get smaller groups, like family, and he coordinated it smoothly (what an awesome photo that turned out to be!). Most of the posed photos were at night (since my ceremony was later in the day) and they still came out fabulous. He worked seamlessly with the videographer, and during the reception, I didn't even notice that he was in so many places, to get great such creative angles! Highly recommended!

Profile Picture Krystal, 11/20/15, 6 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: High-Res Images

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1 Event Per Day
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What a great company to work with. We highly recommend.


West Palm Beach, FL 33411   See On Map
561-662-0455 (phone)
Ryan Merrill Photography is a wedding Photographer from West Palm Beach servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach. Ryan Merrill Photography is a professional Photographer that has been part of the South Florida wedding industry since 2004 specializing in Candid moments & dramatic lighting.