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Joel Jordan Photography is a boutique studio based in San Diego, CA which specializes in stylish wedding photography with an artistic touch. We know how important your wedding day is to you, that is why we make a point to capture it ALL! We are with you from the planning stage, to long after your big day and we love every minute of it! We are proud to say we invest in our clients as much as they invest in us. Le So

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As most brides know, your photographer is one of the most important vendors you will choose. Joel Jordan and his team were fabulous. I did a bridal shoot a few days before my wedding to get photos of me in my dress. The shoot was completely catered to me, and to what I like in photos. The team made sure my dress looked great, my hair was in place, etc. Plus it was SO fun!!! The wedding day was just as great... the 2 photographers split up to get the getting ready photos, and they set up a wonderful first-look for us! They were able to deal with a big unorganized group and captured all the family photos we asked for, and more! Joel is such an artistic mind and his photos are absolute perfection! Any bride would be so lucky to have Joel Jordan photograph their wedding!

Profile Picture Bonnie, 11/9/11, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

Joel Jordan takes wonderful photos – he makes everyone comfortable in front of the camera and is enthusiastic during any session or event. The end result is beautiful and our wedding and engagement session turned into amazing photographs. I have to be honest that I got frustrated with his slow response time when it came to emails or phone calls – if you are the type of person that expects a response from a vendor within 24-48 hours, this will be an adjustment. On average, it took 2-3 emails and a week or so to hear back from him. However, if that doesn’t bother you very much, you will get a beautiful product from Joel Jordan!

Profile Picture Ashley, 10/29/11, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

Working with Joel the day of the wedding was great! This guy knows his stuff. Him and his assistant work so well together and with others. The flow of the picture taking was great because he knew what we wanted, he got the shots, and then he did his own creative shots as well. There was never any standing around with him wondering, " What should we do now..?" He always had an idea and he moved people around effortlessly. It was VERY reassuring to know that we were in such good hands on our big day.

Once we viewed our pictures a few weeks later, we knew we had made the right choice. They turned out awesome. We are definitely pleased with the photos. Joel was able to capture the beauty of the ceremony, our style and personalities, along with everyone letting loose and having fun at the reception. I have only received positive comments back from others who have seen the photos as well. I find myself going back and looking at the photographs again and again because he did such a great job capturing the day.

Profile Picture Erin, 10/8/11, 5 Reviews
Category: Photography

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