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Let me help you bring your floral vision to life and help create the wedding of your deams

I Do...Flowers for You is a wedding florist based in San Diego, California. Jennifer Culhane, the owner and artist, has over 15 years of experience in floral design. Whether couples desire floral arrangments that are dynamic, classy, or unconventional, Jennifer transforms every event to reflect the couples' taste and style. Her custom floral designs contribute to the ambiance of every couple's special day.

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I Do...Flowers for You offers unique, unforgettable floral decorations crafted with personal touches. Jennifer's design style varies depending on a couple's vision, with options that include classic, eclectic, modern, preppy, rustic, vintage, country, glamorous, nautical, romantic, and tropical floral styles. Arrangements can be created for several different purposes, including aisle décor, alter décor, chuppah décor, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower girl baskets, flower crowns, and table arrangements. Flower petals and single flowers are also available, as well as non-floral arrangements. Jennifer also offers couples the following services:

  • Consultations
  • Venue visit
  • Event design
  • Delivery
  • Set up
  • Clean up

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Regions serviced: San Diego

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Jennifer was amazing, cannot recommend enough! Our flowers turned out beautifully for our wedding

Profile Picture Emily, 7/28/18, 1 Review
Category: Flowers

Jennifer was amazing to work with for our wedding and ending up saving the day! After reading all of the great reviews I set up an appointment to have a consult with her and before the meeting was complete I cancelled any other florist appointments I had set up! She really listened to what I wanted and had great suggestions to pull it all together. Jennifer was easy to work with during the planning process and a couple last minute changes were no problem. The day of my gorgeous flowers arrived and were better than I had even hoped for! The really amazing part came when Jennifer went to set up the ceremony and reception. She worked quickly and yet was a perfectionist to make sure everything was just right and the final look was amazing! Then she went completely above and beyond and saved the day. Our wedding cake arrived completely wrong and completely plain but after talking with our day of coordinator to get the ok, Jennifer took the time to handset flowers onto our cake and honestly it turned out better than we had designed before. I would recommend her to anyone planning an event or wedding and I will definitely use her again the next time we need a professional, kind and talented florist! Thank you Jennifer!

Profile Picture Valerie, 6/15/18, 1 Review
Category: Flowers

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7912 Mission Vista Drive, San Diego, CA 92120   See On Map
619-708-2099 (phone)
I Do...Flowers for You is a wedding florist from San Diego, CA. We service weddings throughout the local area, including all of San Diego County, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. I Do...Flowers for You is a professional wedding florist that has been part of the San Diego and Las Vegas wedding industry for 2 years years. We specialize in floral design and making your event memorable.