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Exquisite Catering With A Personal Touch


"Stupendous" ,"Spectacular", "Magnificent", "Elegant" "Fairytale Come True" "Out of this World" "Delicious Food", "Best Service" "Rave Reviews from our Guests".


The Grand Marquis reputation is built on comments like these and that's why your affair will be the memory of a lifetime.


Make your wedding part of a legend at the Grand Marquis. Long renowned for its style and cuisine, the Grand Marquis delivers a level of luxury found nowhere else. The Grand Marquis is elegant crystal, stunning linens and imperial silver packaged in one of the Metropolitan area's most beautiful buildings, featuring a huge 8,400 square foot ballroom and the truly unique Dome Room.


The Grand Marquis is easily accessible from anywhere in New Jersey, New York City and Staten Island via the Garden State Parkway, Routes 9 and 18 and the New Jersey Turnpike and can graciously accommodate upwards of 600 guests.


* Please call us at 732 679 5700 to schedule an appointment.

Categories: Wedding Venue

Regions serviced: Northern New Jersey, New York City

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This place is very flexible and willing to work within your budget. Working with Nertila has made this process run smoothly. The ballrooms are so amazing. Looking forward to our big day in 2018 but for now 5 stars!

Profile Picture Anu, 9/3/18, 1 Review
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue

Our Wedding was held at the Grand Marquis. The venue and ceremonial site (outdoors) made the wedding very special. The GM (event specialist & manager) was very flexible with the pricing and booking process. They were very understanding and responsive. The Wedding itself did not go as smoothly as we had expected in terms of organization & set-up. Our event date was around a very busy time for the venue, so there were events the night before and the evening of our Wedding Date. This made things extra stressful because everything had to be set-up ourselves within a two hour window prior to our Wedding Ceremony time. Our only option, this was a challenge and seemingly overwhelming, but our vendors, friends and family were a huge help with this and the assistance of the GM staff. The GM provided great table service. The cocktail hour food in-particular was delicious and in abundance. Overall we had an awesome and memorable wedding and would recommend the GM to others. Our biggest suggestions to others would be to have an individual wedding planner present throughout the entire process (from beginning to end) and to definitely have a meeting prior to the event with both the event specialist and the Maitre 'D that will be running your event to ensure any avoidable confusions. If possible, it would be better to have the event in the evening. Although the beautiful sun made for bright and vibrant pictures, as the GM has awesome on-site decor for great photographs, it was too difficult doing everything the morning of the Wedding.

Profile Picture Antoine, 5/25/18, 1 Review
Category: Catering, Ceremony & Reception Venue

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1550 Route 9 South, Old Bridge, NJ 08857   See On Map
732-679-5700 (phone)
Grand Marquis is a wedding venue from Old Bridge, NJ. We service weddings throughout the local area, including New Jersey, New York City, and Staten Island. Grand Marquis is a professional wedding venue that has been part of the New Jersey wedding industry for 26 years. We specialize in On-site Catering, Ceremonies, and Receptions.