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About Efffetti Wedding Planners in Tuscany, Events in Italy

Destination Wedding Planners in Tuscany, Lake Como, Venice, Rome, Piedmont, Sicily, Naples, Italy

Our agency will support you in your destination wedding mainly Tuscany - Italy. Experience the romance of an Italian wedding, Efffetti weddings are a one stop solution and will make all the arrangements for you.

We plan every detail by combining modern efficiency with the charm of Italian and Tuscan wedding tradition, in order to make your wedding day in Italy unique and unforgettable - a dream come true

Our Italian wedding planners have specific expertise in destination weddings, have always lived between Italy, the USA and Australia, and all have more than a decade of experience in marketing, organizing events, in travelling and communication. So from Efffetti - wedding planners in Italy you cannot expect anything less than perfection.

You can inquire filling in the wedding in Italy form here specifying as many details as you can, this will help our planners to answer in the most accurate possible way.

In case you do not want to have a legally valid wedding celebrated in Italy but only a symbolic nice blessing or humanist wedding, we have a team of professional multilingual wedding celebrants that can take care of the celebration of your tailored ceremony in literally ANY location in Italy, Switzerland, Monaco and Croatia. In Italy we do not have a legal recognition of same-sex couples' weddings, but our team of Officiants and Celebrants can perform very nice and touching same-sex commitment unions in any fantastic location, villas, gardens and castles in Italy. You can find our team of Italian Wedding Celebrants clicking on their website here

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83 Reviews for Efffetti Wedding Planners in Tuscany, Events in Italy

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What can we say, Francesca and the team at Efffetti wedding planners were fantastic!!! My husband and I got married in September in chianti Italy. The process wasn't the easiest (paperwork etc) and Francesca made it extremely easy for us to understand and complete with plenty of time to spare. We met Francesca in Italy when we registered in the commune a couple of days before the big day, such a lovely professional who sorted our paperwork in under an hour. Then on the day of the wedding Francesca did the translation perfectly, it was stunning, she made it so special for us we will never ever forget that. We even had the mayor marry us!. It was truly perfect and in all honesty so was the price, extremely reasonable compared to other companies we researched. Thank you so much to you Francesca and the Efffetti team for being incredible. Love Louise and Dominic x

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Profile Picture Dominic, 9/9/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Civil, Ceremony, To-Do Lists

Francesca and her Team were absolutely wonderful! My husband and I could never have brought the wedding of our dreams to fruition, especially living thousands of miles away from our wedding destination, without her experience, expertise, and guidance. She was present and responsive throughout the entire planning process, and anticipated our every need on the day of the event. I would highly recommend her for any wedding needs one might have!

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Profile Picture Brittany, 4/27/17, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Ceremony, Reception, Budget Analysis, Day-Of Coord., Event Design, Full Planning, Timelines, To-Do Lists, Destination, Non-Religious

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Francesca is the most generous person I've ever met, always ready to help, and always with a smile. Life is easier since she's been around! And weddings happier!

I would definantly recommend Effetty Wedding to my clients. Francesca is a wonderful wedding planners as well as a very nice person, professional and elegant but always calm and relaxed. Lovely woman!

Great professionalism and italian style!

We often cooperate to organize weddings for our foreign clients. They are great professionals and excellent wedding planners.



Via Vincenzo Della Bianca 12, Tuscany, Pontedera, 56025 Italy   See On Map
+39-346-004-6500 (phone) 01139-039--971-6934 (fax)
8 am to 10 pm (Central European Time = London +1) every day +39 346 0046500
Efffetti Wedding Planners in Tuscany, Events in Italy is a wedding Planner Agency from Italy servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Tuscany, Chianti, and Rome. Efffetti Wedding Planners in Tuscany, Events in Italy is a professional Wedding Planner Agency that has been part of the Italian wedding industry since 2008 specializing in Destination Wedding Planning and Wedding Paperwork Management.