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Orlando Photographer, Brian Pepper & his team of Orlando photographers, cinematographers specialize in capturing weddings across Central Florida. Utilizing their experience to anticipate and capture the true moments that express the love shared not only between you and your spouse but also your friends and family that are there to support you on your big day. All of our sessions include a FREE ENGAGEMENT Session as a chance to get to know you and work together before your big day.

To check our availability for your wedding or event please call or fill out our event contact form. 

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Categories: Wedding Photographer, Wedding Videographer

Regions serviced: Orlando

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Brian did an absolutely fabulous job with both our engagement and wedding photos! He was completely professional and got some really amazing shots for our big day! Would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Profile Picture Celeste, 11/24/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography, Videography
Services Used: Digital Files, Engagement Shoot, High-Res Images, Wedding Portraits

Brian did an Amazing job capturing our perfect day! From the day we signed our contract until we received our pictures we could not have asked for a better photographer to work with! Thank you for taking such amazing pictures! Xo Jen & Sal

Profile Picture Jen, 8/5/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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220x220 sq 1297377358469 www.orlandoweddingpix.com0025
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The Ballroom at Church Street

60 Photos
220x220 sq 1316730032307 www.orlandoweddingpix.com0003
220x220 sq 1316730034589 www.orlandoweddingpix.com0004
220x220 sq 1316730037104 www.orlandoweddingpix.com0005
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220x220 sq 1316730189979 www.orlandoweddingpix.com0001
220x220 sq 1316730192026 www.orlandoweddingpix.com0002


Professional Network & Endorsements

Brian Pepper and Associates are incredibly easy to work with. They always strive to work seamlessly with the video and actually will go out of their way to help you. Their work is beautiful and consistent and they maintain great standards. A pleasure to work with.

Your wedding photos are serious business, so you need someone who will take you and your photos seriously, but is still laid-back enough to get you relaxed and smiling for your photos. Sounds like a hard-to-find combination, but Brian Pepper & Associates are just what you’re looking for!

Brian is good people. That he is a talented photographer is a given, but the sincerity and passion he brings to his work is what makes him stand out among his peers. I can't endorse him more strongly.

We love working wedding with Brian because we anxiously await the beautiful photos we receive of our rentals that were at the wedding as we know they will be perfect! We have used Brian's photos for use on our website and other advertising to help showcase our product. Brian Pepper Photography will take care of all of your photo needs in a very professional manner and will not disappoint!



9226 Buttonwood St., Orlando, FL 32825   See On Map
407-504-7377 (phone) 407-765-5022 (fax)
Office Hours: Appointment Only Mon - Sat : 8:30 - 7pm Sun. : 11am - 5pm
Brian Pepper & Associates Photography is a wedding Photographer from Orlando,FL. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Orlando, Tampa, and Palm Coast. Brian Pepper & Associates Photography is a professional wedding Photography and Video company that has been part of the Central Florida wedding industry for 15 years. We specialize in a mixture of traditional and photojournalism while mixing in the current photo trends in our editing in affordable wedding packages.