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Organic photography & cinematography projects captured by using ample amounts of natural light.

Abigail Jill focuses on photography and cinematography projects that seek to display the subject in its truest form, utilizing ample amounts of natural light and Canon lenses. Using Digital to create a Film look, Abigail Jill uses neutral tones and creamy light to match every event's elegance.


Each project is given extra attention and care - Abigail takes on a limited amount of projects per year in order to give each project the time it requires. Our goal is to become the best of friends with our clients so that we can capture them and their vision to the best of our ability!

Categories: Wedding Photographer

Regions serviced: Philadelphia

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There are not enough words to describe the skills and talents Abigail has a photographer. Her intuition of knowing how to capture a couple is impeccable. One of the things I love most about her is that she takes time to understand the personality of each couple she works with. She wants you to feel comfortable to be yourself during a photoshoot. I felt so spoiled during our time with her because she wanted to hear each of our wants for the photos, making sure she articulated them in our pictures. We had such a fun time and ended up with amazing photos to remember our wedding forever. I am so grateful for Abigail and my husbandand I could not be happier with our pictures.

Profile Picture Sydney , 7/22/16, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Working with Abigail was a dream. We met for the first time in a coffee shop and I knew instantly and without a doubt that I wanted her to be our wedding videographer. At first, I was hesitant about even having a videographer because I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to fit it in our budget. However, Abigail worked with me to create the perfect package for us at a price that we were comfortable with.
Abigail was professional throughout the entire process of my wedding planning. She was easily accessible and always replied immediately to my many questions. She also has the most fun and vibrant spirit, which made filming a breeze! There was not a second that my husband and I ever felt awkward or uncomfortable. After the wedding, Abigail had our preview video for us within two weeks! I couldn’t believe how fast she was able to create such a beautiful work of art. She then had our full wedding video ready within the next couple of weeks, which was nothing short of perfect. (It now has over 140,000 views on YouTube!) Abigail was constantly texting me to inform me of when I would be receiving each video, which I really appreciated.
I truly can’t say enough good things about this girl. She will exceed all of your expectations, and then some. Her work is absolutely incredible and I would (and have!) highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wedding videographer! We are so glad we chose Abigail and if we had a chance to do it all over again, we would choose her again and again.
-Kyle & Sisi Byrd

Profile Picture Siara, 5/29/16, 2 Reviews
Category: Videography

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