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 Look and feel your best. My creative and artistic talents will enhance your natural beauty for your special day. You will look as dazzling in photographs as you will in person. I am a freelance certified makeup artist with over ten years professional experience in cosmetics and skin care.

My studio located on Long Island is where we perform a consultation and makeup trial. During this consultation phase we will discuss your makeup and skin care requirements. Many factors come into play during the consultation phase. The time of day, location of the occasion, gown colors and skin conditioning are all discussed. Our discussion helps to determine whether you will require a natural or a dramatic look.

I look forward to hearing from you, please call 516-770-3007 or email longislandmakeup@gmail.com 

Categories: Wedding Hair & Makeup

Regions serviced: Long Island

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Maria was wonderful. I was an excited mess and she made everything perfect. I looked natural and beautiful. My girls were so happy with her work.

Profile Picture Shari, 10/7/17, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health

I loved my makeup! I asked for a more natural look for my wedding and Maria did just that! She was also very accommodating since I needed an early morning appointment. My makeup was flawless and it lasted for hours. I received so many compliments from family and friends. I would highly recommend Maria for any makeup needs, and would definitely ask her to make me up again!

Profile Picture Donna, 10/7/17, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health

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81 Photos
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Bridal Makeup 2

45 Photos
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220x220 sq 1352821683793 soft35

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A Soft Touch by Maria is a wedding makeup artist from Long Island, NY. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Long Island, New York City, and Queens, Brooklyn, and Suffolk County. A Soft Touch by Maria is a professional wedding makeup artist that has been part of the Long Island and New York wedding industry for 16 years. We specialize in traditional wedding makeup and airbrushing.