Wine colored dress... what color shoes??
My BM's are wearing the wine colored dresses from DB ( I will attach a picture, although I think they look darker in person) I am not a huge fan of the dye able shoes but I feel like thats are only option..

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ooooh - gorgeous color! i don't think that is the ony option at all! not sure where the wedding is or if it is indoors / outdoors etc . . . . but a strappy silver show would be gorgeous.... or you could do a gold . . . what are the other color of your wedding?

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I agree with Ashlee - silver would look nice. Or black!

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What are you wedding colors?

Black, silver, or a nude color shoe would look good.

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my dress has a champagne color in it so we did neutrals and the wine color, we originally chose cornflower blue, and I am soooo happy we switched I love the color, our bouquets will be white hydrangeas and the wine colored Gerber daisy's. Silver is a great idea- why didn't I think of that? I was planning on letting the girls wear whatever shoes they wanted as long as they were heels and the same color, think I should set some stricter guidelines?

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blk or silver

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silver or gold. for some reason i'm thinking gold moreso.

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Black Patten Leather (or just black in general) would look AWESOME!

Dyables are nice, but really don't age well. I’m able to wear them about 2-4 more times before the dye starts to run and the shoes start to look really crappy.

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My MOH is also doing a wine colored dress from BM. I went with gold shoes for her (and she will be carrying ivory roses). My primary colors for the wedding are burgundy, ivory and gold so that all works for me.

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Andrene I really like those! When I first read the post, my immediate thought was silver, but I think gold would be really pretty, too, especially with fall colors.

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my girls also have wine colored dresses ... but from Bill Levkoff ... they have a champagne tie also, so I'm having them do probaby a champagne colored shoe (I found them, so I know they exist, I may just get them for them ... but let them choose the heel height ...) but black could work plus most women have a pair of black shoes ...

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My girl's are ordering wine colored dresses (Bill Levkoff) and I told them to wear whatever nice black shoes they have. And if they're black shoes are scuffed to please buy a new pair that they will definitely wear again.

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Thanks Karen. When I first started the planning I initially was leaning towards silver accents but now am glad I went with gold. It makes way more sense for me and works very well with the venue decor.

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My girls wore gold with their Claret-colored dresses. Looked great!

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My girls are wearing wine dresses from Mori Lee. They are getting bronze shoes from benjamin walk. They can be bought anywhere "touch ups" can be bought.

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