What types of foods to serve at an afternoon wedding?
Sorry for all the questions today.

Since we are doing a Friday afternoon wedding I was wondering what types of foods should we do? We are going to prepare the food ourselves (with help of family) so I don't want to do something super hard but then again I don't want to do something like burgers & hot dogs. It's not going to be a super early reception something around 1-2 or so.

I am planning on having veggie trays, fruit trays, and such.

Ideas would be great!
Thanks in advance!

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This is a hard one. When you say prepare it yourselves you mean cook it or maybe get it from the catering section of th grocery store. If you are cooking it yourselves, I think pasta might be a good way to go. You can cook it in advance and it will still taste good.

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Maybe try some "apps" from that section in the grocery store. They have TGIF Apps, and other restaurants as well. You'd just have to heat it up?

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I mean easy dishes that we can cook ahead of time. The venue has a huge kitchen we will be able to use. Has huge stove, fridge, oven, and such.

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Sounds like late lunch. Could you do cold cuts and cheeses with rolls. Condiments and other finger foods. Maybe a fruit table and a snack table.

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Okay- full kitchen! Meatballs, pasta, chicken parm (sorry that is the italian in me) Those are easy to make and you can make it ahead of time. Soup, could get a little messy, but easy. I also think sandwhiches or a deli tray is always good

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Jaemi: It's totally okay, bc I love to eat and I know my family does to so....something like sandwiches probably wouldn't cut it.

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I think we will be doing the same thing along the lines of what you are already thinking, fruit and veggie trays, meat trays to make sandwiches with.. basically light finger foods that you would have at maybe a baby shower but of course in the appropriate quantities for a wedding lol.

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For our wedding I going to do heavy appitizers about the same timeframe for the reception. I also recruiting my son's Boy scout troop to serve/clean up. Check teh local library for books and think like a cater. I plan to use mostly things that can be precooked then warmed up or stay room temp or chilled and still be ok. Finish it off with lemonades, ice teas and of course our cake desision.

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I see you are getting married in Texas in April right? What about a taco bar, burittos and all that yummy Tex Mex stuff. Much of that can be prepared a day or so in advance and still taste AMAZING!

This link might help too. http://www.ehow.com/buffet-food-ideas/

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That does sound pretty yummy. I will def. pass the idea on to FH and see what he thinks. I do know I'd like a variety of things, not just one style. I am looking at between 40 - 70 guests. I don't have any that are vegitarians (sp) but I do want include some healthy options as well.

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I would make at least some sort of chicken dish and a pasta dish. Those can be done fairly easy and with a ton of prep work done in advance. If you want more choices the sandwiches are not a bad idea of you another things too. I am Italian so we always have chicken parm, baked ziti, sausage and peppers, and meatballs at every function. There is always bread as a side or to make a sandwich with and a huge salad. Would something like that work for you? Or do you want something more general?

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One delicious recipe (not very healthy) that is really easy to prep in advance is bacon wrapped little smokies with brown sugar on top. Throw them in the oven for like 40 minutes, or you can do them in the crock pot but I've never made them that way.

Boneless chicken wings are another good easy to prep item. Different varities of picknicky salads would probably be good like potato salad, pasta salad, etc. Meatballs would be a good idea in a crockpot because you could just put toothpicks beside it and it would really involve a lot of attention.

Also maybe some spinach dip, crab dip or buffalo chicken dip with chips. Easy to bake in advance, would be fine cold or room temp and easy to just set out and let people take some.

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Jessica R: That actually sounds good. I don't want too much but I know my family goes back for seconds (no matter the time of day). Meatballs is a must (FH loves my Grammy's recipe).

Mynameiskatie: I don't think chicken wings will work, love them but a bit too messy. I def. plan to have a couple picknick style salads. Love me some potato salad and my mom's homemade coleslaw.
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