What is your grandma wearing?
My grandma bought a beautiful dress a few months ago to wear to the wedding. It is a blue floor length with a little jacket and just a little bit of beading. I think she is going to look beautiful and my mom said it is a great dress for her. I just got off the phone with her and she is worried that it might be too dressy. I want her to wear it because she is an amazing grandma who at the age of 89 still lives on her own, drives a car, does all of her shopping, goes out with friends to play cards and gamble. I want her to look as amazing as she is. She will be the only grandparent there so I told her there is no way she can be overdressed because she will be the only one. So my question is, do you think she is going to be overdressed and do you have a picture of any dresses a grandparent may or have worn to your wedding? BTW my mom's dress is floor length too. TIA :)

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IF your wedding is formal, and other members of the BP are also wearing floor length dresses, she won'e be overdressed.

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Yes my bridesmaids dresses are long. I have no idea what FMIL is getting but she knows that all of the other dresses are floor length.

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Well I think she will be fine. She shouldn't feel overdressed, she is the grandmother of the bride. A lot of eyes will be on her. I don't know what my grandmothers are wearing. My maternal grandmother is having a hard time finding a gown. She's teying to get out of wearing one, but I'm not having it. She is fabulous on a normal day so she needs to be extra fabulous on my wedding day. My wedding is formal. My grooms men are wearing tuxedos and my BM's are wearing floor length gowns.

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Thank you. I thought she would be fine too but I figured I would ask for her. If anyone has pictures of what their grandma will or did wear that would be great...then I can show her that she is good!

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I think she will look awesome! Rock on grandma'. My wedding was a little less formal but here are what our Grandma's wore.

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Here is the BP to compare

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