What is the purpose of a bridal shower?
I may be a little confused, but I thought it was to celebrate with the bride and for those who want, to give gifts towards the couples life togther. FS and I already live together so we would prefer monetary donations so that we could put it towards buying a home. We set up a registry www.rainfallofenvelopes.com/Give.aspx?eid=1076 for that purpose. So my bridal party is throwing me a shower next month, I told her if people wanted to give something then to just donate to the registry. I even suggested not having a shower. My MOH tells me that the bridal shower is for the bride and that I need to set up a separate registry for stuff I want...is that true? If our guests want to give gifts I DEFINITELY dont want them to feel like thaty have to give 2 gifts? What did you all get at your bridal showers? What am I supposed to register for?

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I registered for things that I wanted to replace, that would need replacing soon and things I wanted that we didn't have. The shower is to shower the bride with gifts for their new home, as back then, couples didn't live together or on their own even, so they 'showered' them with things that are needed to fill a home. Now a days, most couples have lived together, or apart for quite some time and don't necissarily need all these things, but it is nice to be able to replace what is old and worn with new things. I didn't get much money, but lots of gifts, which was just as good. Most people like to go to the shower and watch the bride to be open gifts and play some games (well, at least I do!) I would make a registry for items that you would like and could always use, like dish & tea towels and bath towels, as eventually, they get worn out and you can always use more, Maybe for some other items as well. You can let the bridal party and both parents know, CONT

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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is a guest should ask, that you would appreciate money to go toward your new home and if they perfer to give a physical gift, that you are registered at what ever store.

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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PS: I never really heard of a seperate registry just for the bride and bridal shower, I made registeries at two different stores in a variety of prince ranges and used it for both.
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Yes, the purpose of a wedding shower is to "shower" a bride with gifts. Since you both have lived together prior to getting married maybe use it as a fun time to pick out things you may not need but desire without going crazy on the price. For instance, when I got married years ago we both had things we needed. However, I desired things like a bread maker and KitchenAid mixer which isn't necessarily needs but wants. It also gives you time to see each other's tastes and what you have in common. This is a time for you to celebrate and have fun. Don't let a bridal shower stress you. Also, you surely don't need a separate registry for the shower. It is up to the attendees if they want to buy a gift for the shower, the wedding or both. Hope this helps. :-)

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I did the same as Mrs.Sschmidt - since we have lived together for 7 years already...out with the old, in with the new...and instead of throwing out the old stuff that was still in relatively good condition we had a tag sale 2 weeks after the shower, and donated half the money to a local charity and put half towards wedding incidentals. For my registry, I upgraded stuff (like asking for a better set of cooking knives) and replaced broken or damaged stuff (like dishware, which was thrown out not sold)...I also put stuff in the registry that we would have liked but wouldn't have bought for ouselves - like the wedding photo album and picture frames...

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The shower is to "shower" the bride with gifts intended to help the bride and groom set up their home together. Granted, this is from an era when the couple didn't live together before marriage and the bride was more than likely still living with her parents so she literally didn't have anything for the new home.

I understand that couples nowadays feel like they have everything, but at the same time it's the only time where lots of people actually want to buy you things. Even though I have "stuff", I can always upgrade (who doesn't need an extra set of nice sheets) or regsiter for items that I would use occasionally, but aren't a necessity so I may never buy myself (i.e., waffle maker, 4 different kinds of glasses, etc.)

However, if you don't want things, the best advice is to decline the shower since a big part of the shower is sitting around opening presents.

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My best friend just got married 2wks ago we gave her a bridal shower & sine her & her fiance' lived together we all gave gift cards to like Victoria Secrets, crate & barrel , JC penny things like that. A few gave gift gifts, but it was things they knew she wanted

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