What can we do instead of exchanging rings?
I was asking my FH about going to look at wedding bands the other day, and he actually mentioned that he really doesn't want a ring for himself. He doesn't ever wear jewelry and would just rather not. He was thinking of just getting a cheapy ring for that part of the ceremony.

Now, I know that I have a gorgeous engagement ring, so I really don't feel the need for a wedding band (and this does not bother me one bit), so if he doesn't want one either, I got thinking that there must be something that we can do instead of exchange wedding bands during the ceremony. I've heard of people getting tatoos, but that really is not us. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what we can do or "exchange" during our ceremony to symbolize our commitment to each other? We will be getting married in Hawaii, so I would love to incorporate any of their customs and traditions as well. Thanks!

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Get Tattoo rings! or something like that.
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I've had couples exchange leis, medallions, rings. Or you can totally skip that portion of the ceremony. Or he can "give" you a wedding ring and you can "receive" the ring as a symbol... I've done that sometimes when the groom has a job that does not allow for him wearing a ring.

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i just recently went to a wedding and they did not even include the ring part in their ceremony and it was still very lovely. If what you are looking for is something in exchange for TIME. like you dont want ur ceremony shorter because you dont have that part have the officiant say something about you all or something like that.
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You don't need to include it at all. you can just exchange vows, or you could actually exchange your engagement ring again. It's really up to you.

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The minister that is doing our ceremony has something called the blessing of the hands it's sounds weird I know lol but it was actually really lovely. You both face to face palms open yours at the bottoms of his and is kinda exchanging the ring he repeats a set of vows/promise the minister is saying and viceversa I don't know if you can find it on google :D...

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Thank you for your suggestions. I just looked up the Blessing of the Hands, and it actually brought tears to my eyes! Thanks Cecy B. I'll have to see what FH thinks of it.

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honistly, i cold not imagine a wedding with out the rings even if it is just a cheap ring from wal mart for him and your E ring for you. he may want a ring in the future to wear when he dresses up and such. my fh didnt care a whole lot about his ring either until i bought him one and now he hates to take it off.

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See if he is okay with getting the ring and wearing it on a chain.

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You could also look into handfasting. It's become quite popular, and has a lot of meaning. Lots of people exchange things like coins, a bible, etc instead of rings.

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Just another idea for you, not really doing anything with exchanging anything, but you could do Message-in-a-Bottle.
We are doing this, it was a cute idea from a friend.
We are each writing a note to one another, then sending it off during the wedding:)
You could also do the Sand Ceremony!

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You can exchange letters, do a unity candle, or as August Bride said you could do a sand ceremony.

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How about a handfasting!
Here's some information about this lovely ritual:

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We are doing the hand ceremony with the ring exchange immediately after. You could just do the hand ceremony and skip the ring. Here's a link http://everybridesbestfriend.blogspot.com/2009/02/unity-candle-alternatives.html
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