Vistaprint invitation finish?-which is best?
Hmm I thought I was going to order my invitations, til I got to this part..Does anyone know which finish would be better? also what exactly is a "linen" finish/how does it compare to regular matte? Here are their descriptions, but I was just wondering if anyone knew in person which looks better. Thanks!!

Matte Finish - This stock brings out the color contrast and text clarity while giving way to a smooth finish.

Glossy Finish - High-gloss coating on the front side yields a smooth, shiny finish with colorful images.

Recycled Matte Paper - Show everyone you’re mindful of the environment with 100% recycled premium white paper.

Linen Finish - $10.99 -The subtle, pressed texture will add an elegant touch to your cards.

Premium, 100lb. White Matte Stock - $11.99

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Hi Ab Z! Did you happen to order a Wedding Sample Kit from Vistaprint? They include examples of each of the finishes/paper types you mention. The matte finish is just that, on regular card stock. The linen finish has a little bit of texture that makes it feel more elegant or formal. The premium white matte stock is quite a bit heavier than the others. I would think the glossy finish would be more appropriate for Save the Dates or if you are including a photo on your invitation (they send a STD with a photo as an example on the glossy paper).

My sample kit came REALLY fast after I ordered it. You might still have time to request one before you order your invites, so you can get all touchy/feely with the card stock and make a decision that you will be happy with. : )

Good luck!

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I liked the linen paper best from my kit. It looks and feels the best.

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Thanks for your input! ya I didn't know til my search a lil bit ago that they had the kit..I think I'll just decide and go with either linen or matte..prob linen..I want to order them soon, I've kinda been slacking lol!

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The rsvp card gets mailed back, so if you want to save on money, use the 100 free postcards as the rsvp cards but pay the extra $12 for the paper upgrade to matte finish.

Shipping included in prices.
100 free s&h (gray or blank back) = $6.49 (great for save the dates, but glossy rsvp won't match matte or linen printed colors)
100 free s&h glossy color back = $16.48

100 free s&h matte finish (gray or blank back) = $18.48 (great for rsvp cards)
100 free s&h matte finish (colored back) = $28.48

for comparison (same size as postcards)
100 RSVP cards = $59.99 matte finish, colored back and free white envelopes included

If you can't find a postcard that matches your invite, try to find a solid background the same color, and you can add an image from the VP library.

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The 2 invites are shiny coated and the Thank you is Matte. When I put the order in for my invitations I will get them in Matte. Goto my forum.....Vistaprint invitations it will show you the cards there. I cant upload my pics here for some reason...sorri

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here is the save the date

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I added the ribbon..... this is the invite and std.....

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The samples I got from them, I didn't like the linen or gloss.
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