Veil/headpiece to wear with purple wedding dress?
I need everyone's expert opinions please!

I'm a non-traditional bride opting for a fun, purple dress (see below) instead of traditional white. We're having a daytime (11:00am) ceremony. I'd like to wear some sort of veil or hairpiece to add in some additional ivory and help make it more of a "bridal" look. Does anyone have any suggestions for what kind of veil/etc to wear with this dress? The back of the dress is VERY beautiful as the beadwork along the neck continues onto the straps on the back so I'd like to be able to see that part still. I'll be wearing ivory shoes and have a friend that is making me custom ivory beaded jewelry with purple accents.

I am a very fair skinned red-head (darker red, not orangey red so my hair looks great with this color purple) and my hair has beautiful natural curls and hits just above the shoulder. I was planning on wearing my hair mostly down with maybe some curls pinned back to keep my hair out of my face.

Please advise me! Thank you!! :)

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gorgeous dress -- i love the color! have you thought of trying a birdcage style veil? i think that could look amazing... it will add the bridal look to it and still show all of the detail of the dress... i also think it would go really well with the fitted style of the dress...

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I agree with ashlee g. try a birdcage style veil, btw your dress is so cute!

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I was just looking for hair pieces and veils. Haven't found anything low budget, but I agree a birdcage veil or even some feathers and rinestones would look great!

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I would agree... I would totally get like an ivory bircage veil for it!!

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What about an actual veil, like this:

You can get it with the purple ribbon edging in ivory.
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If you wanted to get a short veil (as opposed to a birdcage one), we work with a veil company that can add different colored edges or colored rhinestones into a veil. 20 inches is probably the shortest you can go before having to do a birdcage look but you can play with the widths, etc (and you can add colored rhinestones to a veil as well if you like that idea.)

Two veil pics attached which can have a purple edging applied and a third pic shows you the edging colors. You can also go to etsy and type in purple wedding veil and a bunch of ideas come up.

If you need any more help, I'd be glad to help you find a few options - email is in my profile to the left.

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You could even go for a black birdcage veil. It would look really chic!

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I would wear a short wispy white veil.

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i think an elbow length veil with some bling would look good

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Go for European-style birdcage - the right one will look exquisite and elegant:

Nicole K.

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I think an ivory birdcage veil would look good.

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I agree with the others, for that dress a birdcage would be perfect!

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Beautiful dress very classy.... small birdcage veil or even a bling bling tiara.....

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Another vote for the birdcage.

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Beautiful Dress!
Welcome to WW.

I like the 3rd veil Sara T posted. or a birdcage if that is your thing.
Can't wait to see more of your ideas!

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