spring is the best season for wedding?
recently i have seen a lot people getting married. so i wonder if spring is the best season for marriage? you know that i was planning to get married near spring, but i dont want to get married with many people getting the same time. so what are your advice?

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Any time is a good time for weddings. Spring and Summer tend to be busier, but winter is busy as well. If you want a not as busy time, look to early Fall. October is busy, and November is a rough month for guests.

I'd suggest August or early September, or even late January.

But maybe some of our vendors can tell us what the off-season is.

My Beloved, Inc.

My Beloved, Inc.
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Nowadays, there really is not such as a thing as "off season". People marry all year long. The winter months are usually cheaper because vendors get lots of business during the warmer months and not much business is taking place in the cold weather -- thus you get a better deal.

If you want a spring wedding, do a ceremony and reception on an "off day". Sunday afternoon and a Thursday evening is great (and you can save a lot of dough avoiding the busy and more expensive weekend). If you go this route, you won't have the problem of having guests choose between your wedding day or someone else's during the busy spring season. But be sure to send "save the dates" far ahead of time so that people could plan accordingly.

Good luck! Lise'

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I wouldn't say spring is 'best' but it's popular because the weather tends to be nice. But any time is good for a wedding! Lots of places offer discounts for booking during the off season or during slow times. In Tucson the slow season was January and early February (because it's cold) and August (because it so darn hot). I saved a lot of money booking in January!

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We are having an early November wedding - but in South Texas the weather is miserable from March through October....so down hear late fall and winter are big wedding seasons just because the heat isn't as bad.

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fall is our high season here in Santa Barbara

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off-season...also meaning the least popular and usually cheapest is typically at least january-march...sometimes including october/november as well.

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I think it is where you live. We changed venues because you never know in the Seattle area if you are going to have rain, and it can be a trickle or a downpour. Not going to take that chance.

Ms. G
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YES YES YES.....Budget wise it is the BEST time for a wedding...BEST BEST BEST.
March& April you get a little of everything....esp April
Not as cold as January, flowers start coming out, its not too hot plus you get the winter prices....April 30th was the BEST decision I've made since I started planning my wedding. I get the winter prices but I get tulips at the hall and the trees will be budding by then plus my favorite cherry blossoms will be out.
I'm so glad I chose spring....

but maybe everyone is different....your situation might be different from mine

STB Mrs Van Blargan
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I am having my wedding in March, I always dreamed of getting married in the spring.

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I was going to get married in October, but it was cheaper to get married Dec.-May so I got married in May instead. I think June seems like the most popular month.

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it depends on where you live… but in my experience only Jan - March is off-season… October always sells out in CA and so does April. Those months used to be off season. December is off-season for weddings, but high season for corporate holiday parties so if you're looking at a banquet hall then you'll run into peak pricing…

For finding a date I recommend looking at your schedules, what months are good for you, and your families? And do you have friends who are engaged? You'll want to confirm possible dates with them to make sure you won't be fighting over guests. If you want to save $$ then look at Jan-March.

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In CA, Spring is also better than Fall and Summer. Winter is probably the best price, but the weather is cold and it usually rains in Jan. You can look on some vendor websites and take a look at their prices, if they offer a price discount due to the season.


Kristen Wynn Photography
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There is no best season! :) There's only popular/busy and not as popular.

There's pros and cons. But I see you have a date of 5/11/11. If you are considering this spring and just starting to think about seasons, I'd advise a bit more time. Weddings can be planned in two months, of course, but if you are open to other seasons, give yourself more time.

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I'm partial to warm dry weather. It rains a lot where I live in April and May can be a little chilly. Since I have always wanted an outdoor wedding, summer worked best for me. Our off season is Nov-April.

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It's a personal decision.
If you want part of you celebration to be outside then picking a time that is comfortable is important.
If you don't want to compete with "wedding season" especially if a lot of your friends or family are getting married within a few weeks or months of you, then you may choose a different time.
If you want a theme or decor that is seasonally related, then you may want to plan around that.
Other factors include work schedules, or availability of close family and friends that you want to work with.
So, many reasons can be an input to choosing a wedding date.

That one chick who's married to that one dude
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It is your choice when to get married, but how busy it is varies from what area. Where I am at, march-june is very busy and september-november is busy. We learned that when we were looking for vendors and they all were telling us June is very busy for them...lol

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well with our venue.... march was the latest we could push it to hopefully get spring weather.
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