Should I cancel my reception hall?
I already booked my church on May19 2012. I went to visit a lot of reception hall and finally found one. The first time we met the manager, he gave us a price that would include the soup, salad, main dish, dessert and sweet table. I asked 3 times what was included for that price (I have always been cautious with everything I do that's my personality). Then he gave us a copy of the contract so I can read at home. I was happy with everythign and went back to sign. Then the manager said he will re-write the contract so it looks cleaner. When I read the 2nd contract, it was missing the dessert. I told him and he said it's not included. I said its written in the previous contract then he said that it was included for a higher price not the price im paying. I told him i asked him 3 times and he said ti was included for our price and he said he never said such thing. We had a fight, finally he said he will include it. But the story is not finished. (to be continued...)

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(part 2) We have 30 days to cancel the hall and get our deposit back so I signed the contract because it was getting late and I was tired. However when I went home I saw that the cancellation was altered and is different from the first contract. I called him and emailed him right away that same night. He never answered so I went to see him the next week and he said he got our email but doesnt have time to answer because he has a lot of weddings to take care of but we have nothing to worry he will answer us. 2 weeks and a half and nothing. i called many times and left msg. nothing. finally one day he called me back and said that i will only need to pay a penalty fees if i cancel 3 months before the wedding. Unfortunately i didnt have the contract with me (it was at my fiance's place) so i said i will call him back. then he was unreachable. i finally got a hold of him today. he said i have to apy penalty fees anytime i cancel. I told him thats not what he said and he replied again

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HE replied again " I never said that".... Now I dotn trust that guy anymore he keesp saying he never said anything. but at the same time if I cancel its hard to find another hall 6 months before the wedding... I dont know if I should stay with them or cancel and go back to square one (because then I wont have my date probably and will have to change church too) What should I do?

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I would cancel. If he's this evasive with you now imagine how much worse it will be later. Walk away while you can still get the bulk of your money back.

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Walk away.

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Agreed. That is bull walk away.

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yes, I totally agree WALK AWAy, actually, no, i take that back, RUN AWAY

I can't stand people who lie to me or change their stories all the time. I need to be able to trust people, and If I can't, I am walking away.
The 1st venue we looked into, and almost signed a contract with did this to me. I was upset with all their lies, and changing stories, and not calling back.
My family was upset because that place was probably like 5-10 minute drive from their homes while the place I ended up going with is about an hour from them.
But I am happy with my decsion. I could not stand being lied to.

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yep.walk, before its too late

Princess Bride
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I'm sorry but am a b****. lol I have a big mouth and that leads to trouble only when it is seen. I hate being played for a fool. Anyway back to you if I was you I would of told him with his lies you can't trust a vendor such as himself who keeps lying to you saying he didn't say that when it clearly said it in the contract. Take your money back and look else where I know this will be a lot of stress but you dont want to go with a vendor which already start in the wrong foot. If this is the beginning imagine the day of the wedding.

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yes I agree..a ton of red flags right there..if you couldn't get back your deposit I may feel differently..are there are other comparable venues in the area that you like?

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To Ab Z.: yes there is our 2nd choice but they are already booked :(

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The other venues are either all booked either too expensive either ugly *sigh* If I cancel I'd have to cancel the church too and lose my deposit (its just 100$) but I really wanted that church :(

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I am planning a wedding in 2 1/2 months, so its possible to find somewhere. You may have to be open to Sundays and Fridays though. I found that most the time they will give you a discount for sunday and friday weddings. Keep looking for venues but also get a list from the church of what their availability is so you can match it up with a reception venue. And if you just change your date with the church I am sure they won't just swallow the deposit money, cause you are gonna need a deposit on another date if you go with them, talk to them I am sure they will work with you. Also what I have found is if you want to do your centerpieces and don't mind about getting your cake then you can ask to look at the banquet menu, 9 chances outa 10 its cheaper then the wedding package. Whenever you have a "package deal" its not really all that great. Hope that helps!

Honey B.
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I would walk away and find a new venue. I also wouldn't give him a dime for the "cancellation fee" if it wasn't originally on the first draft of the contract. I've never heard of a place redoing the draft to make it look cleaner... I think that was his way of trying to change things on the contract because some people wouldn't remember that it said differently and would trust him to be honest. Its so shady. If he tries to come after you for the cancellation fee then I would definitely report him to better business bureau!

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Run, don't walk.

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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I think you're screwed and he will win in court if it goes that far. It doesn't matter what he said, it doesn't matter what's in the 1st contract. All that matters is what YOU signed - that's what he's obligated to provide and that's what your obligated to pay. Unless you have things in writing somewhere else - like emails it will be a He Said She Said type of thing (like it is now) Yep it sucks that his statements do not match the contract but unfortunately you signed it. How much $ will you be out if you walk away at this point assuming you gave him a deposit? If no monies have been exchanged then you could gamble that he won't take you to court to recoup the cancelation fees.

I'd take the time now to go and re-read any other contracts that you signed to ensure you're not in the same predicament with other vendors.

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I would cancel... I rather have the headache now of finding a new place than have a headache the day of the wedding because nothing is what I wanted/expected it to be. Good luck!

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Ha ha J&R S., yes, run don't walk.

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I wouldn't stay with it even if I lost the church for that day. Is there any way the church would be willing to put the deposit towards another day?
Who knows what else may happen if you stay with this vendor. He may say you don't get side dishes with your entree or you don't get napkins. That sucks. Did you actually sign the first contract & do you physically have it? Is there anyone else at the company you can talk with to discuss everything?

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I would be finding someone new too.

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@Marie: I can get ALL my deposit back if I cancel now ( we have 30 days from the day we sign it), its written on the contract
@Kimpy: I didnt sign the 1st contract becasue he said he will rewrite in a nicer paper butI do physically have it. He is the manager/ almost owner (they have 5 reception halls owned by the family and he is one of the son taking care of that branch) and he makes all the decison so no, no one else to discuss.
ALso, it may be taht everything after can go well. a lot of my firends got married there and it was fine for them. but im am scared like u said that he might create more problem after. example: oh i have no ustensiles u need to pay for it , etc.
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