Purple & Silver (Wedding Colors)??
Hello Everyone...I would like to get some feedback from you about what color combination would look best for the color scheme of the wedding...I was wondering if the standard color purple, a lighter color (lilac) and silver would look good together...or perhaps standard purple, silver and white should be the main colors of the wedding?...thanks kindly

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I'm having dark purple, lavender, & hints of silver & green. I love Purple!

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Purple and silver look great together!


CNI Designs
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Shades of purple - lilac, eggplant, lavendar - with a lime green can be very pretty for a spring or summer wedding. Or deep purple with black and silver can also be very rich and elegant looking. Pair a light purple with white for a more casual palette. For some visuals check out my blog here http://www.createdbycni.com/search/label/Purple. Happy wedding planning!
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I've done quite a few purple and lavender weddings recently. Check out my site to see what those brides did with those colors. It's very rich. I like it.

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I love the color combo. My choice would be lilac & silver as lilac is my favorite color. I think for an April wedding your colors are fitting.

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My cousin who just got married last weekend had dark purple and silver. It looked really beautiful. Good luck! :-)
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I have several inspiration boards on my blog, with those very colors. Please feel free to check it out:


Hope that helps!

Take it Personally by Christine

Take it Personally by Christine
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I like when there are multitple shades of purple used in the wedding. All from the same either blue or red tones but different shades of each.
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I think purple and silver are great together. Purple and green also go really well together and if you are having summer wedding, the green would be perfect and easy to find really lush and full colors in. If you decide to go with the purple and silver, you could start getting things now around christmas because they are very popular christmas colors as well.

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thanks everyone I really appreciate the feedback!! :)
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I like the idea of dark purple, lilac, & silver together! And since you are having a May wedding, you might add spring green. If you live in an area where Lilacs are blooming on May 11th, it would be fantastic to use them. Just remember that lilacs tend to wilt quickly, so you might want to ask a florist about how to keep them fresh.

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i love the ides... i too will be doing a purple themed wedding... LOVE IT!

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I too am using the same colors only I wanted throw in a little of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in there, any ideas?

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Purple, lavender and silver is a great combo, here a link to a basket and pillow set I made with those colors, orchids were added also.

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Im having a fall wedding but I'm gonna be using a dark plum with a smoke grey. I'm not sure if it fits the season but it looks great together but looking for the colors I wanted I noticed that pretty much all shades of purple look good with all shades of silver or grey so I would say you have picked a great color scheme =)
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