Publix Wedding Cakes?
Has anyone bought a Publix wedding cake? Do they have a variety of flavors? Is it expensive? Would you recommend them?

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Thank you, that gave me a lot of info. They have really nice cakes, and they seem pretty resonable in pricing.

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I definitely will...I already have an idea...i love the eternal love cake w/fondant and cannoli filling YAY....I think that may be the one! I will let you know for sure thougH!! Thanks for all of your help!
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I have not had a wedding cake from them, but have had cakes made for other occasions. I would recommend them, as their cakes are wonderful.

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I got my wedding cake from Publix. My sister in law works there. I wasn't too thrilled about paying over $200 for a cake, so she made it like a birthday cake instead. It wasn't a stacked cake, it was 3 separate layers because I had a 3 tier cake stand. The only real difference was that it was a little bit thinner than a regular wedding cake tier. But if you didn't know already, you'd never be able to tell. It was a great cake & I loved it.

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We got our cake from Publix and it was awesome! Ours was vanilla cake with canoli filling and 1/2 butter cream, 1/2 cream cheese was wonderful!!!!! A lot of our guests gave us compliments on the cake as well. We found a style we liked and then made a few minor changes in the was very nicely decorated and delivered perfectly!

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Mine wasn't from Publix but I have heard good things about those who have used them. The reason we ended up not doing Publix is that they aren't really that much cheaper than getting it from a bakery, and your bakery might have more options. I would recommend getting prices for some bakeries in your area and checking out Publix too, then seeing what works best for you. For instance Lovely Unique said her cake was going to cost $350 for 70 people.. our bakery cake was $500 for 100 guests (this included tax and delivery/setup) - not that much more AND it was literally the best cake I have tasted in my entirely life. Plus we were able to do some more "exciting" flavors that publix didn't offer, and they were able to guarantee that if your cake got damaged on delivery they would have a trained professional fix it for you (as opposed to some random kid with a car who does deliveries for publix) ...just some things to think about!
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I recently ordered a birthday cake for my daughter there and was BLOWN AWAY with the decorator!! She did a perfect cake for a 13 year old teenager - a hat, a purse, sunglasses, flower cupcakes around and it was only $50.
It looked liked something from Ace of Cakes.

They customize everything for you.

You need to go to a Publix that has an Event Planning Dept (not all do) - I saw all the pics of Wedding Cakes they offered and I really couldn't believe they were supermarket cakes

Best Wishes

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Definitely, yes. Publix is the place to go for your cake. My fiance and i are having approximately 250 guest and our cake is going to be about $350.00 for hers and $90.00 for my Groom's Cake. In today's economy you should look around. Dont let the overhead fool you and get sucked into the prices of smaller bouquet cake dealers and end up paying an "Arm and a Leg". By going with Publix you have the quality, credibility, and the guaranty. GO FOR IT!

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I love publix cakes. Unfortunately my venue offers the cake in the price so we went with that. I used to work in the deli at a publix and the store was set up were it was right next to the bakery and we had the decorator/proffessional for the whole disrict right in our store. She was the best at making cakes and she trained decorators for the whole state of FL too. I love publix cakes I am getting my bridal shower cake done from there from a picture in a book and it will be fabtabulous!
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My niece and twin nephews all had Publix cakes. We also had them make one for Mom's & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary - three tier - pillars - the works. We were very happy with them.

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I am getting married in October and was thinking of getting a publix cake. Thanks for all the comments, it really helps. Someone mentioned the yellow cake with cannoli filling and creamcheese frosting. That is exactly what I want. I' glad it tasted good. I can't wait to go tasting.

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We really enjoyed our cake from Publix. It more expensive than a Walmart cake, but very very tasty. If you want a nice cake with decent price they are great to work with. Also, no criso tasting icing is always a great.

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we bought a cake from publix and i was happy with it. guest still talking about it and cant wait til our first yr ann. to eat it again. lol. it was a little expensive but u get what u pay for. mine came a little late but it was ok. ill get one again

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We saw one of their cakes at an old friends wedding before ours and from then we wanted to get a cake like that. Not only did the cake look and taste great but the customer service is also very good.

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Unsettled strip roses add a springtime touch to this really layered cake. Blossoms and stripes are effectively made utilizing Sugar Sheets!, giving this cake an expert touch.

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