Paper lanterns
I love the look of paper lanterns! Does anyone have any ideas about how many and sizes I should use? The area I want them in 30'x 60' area.

I saw the article 2d bride wrote...(great btw) I just want to get a general idea of what I need to order. I don't want to get too few and be dissappointed.

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2d Bride
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Below is a picture of what 130 lanterns (one hundred of them 14", the other thirty 8" to 16") look like in a 40’x120’ space. In the space you have, you would have the same density with about 50 lanterns. Obviously, you could have more or fewer to adjust the density.

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We estimate about 1 every 10 square feet, but most people like them bigger than 14". It also depends on how high they are overhead. We hang some about 20' high in one venue, so we use 24 - 36" diameter. Is it a tent? What's the ceiling height? Do you know how you're going to do this? Access? Ladders? There's a lot to it, but it's not complicated.
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That looks awesome 2d and we're twin dates!! Thank you. It was hard trying to wrap my head around the how many and what size aspect of it all.

Our reception will be under the huge oak trees in our yard. The plan is to string lights from the trees to the cabin and hang the lanterns from there. Hopefully... I can match the vision in my head to reality.
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