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has anyone found a free way to set this up? I'm looking and I only see options to pay about $10 a month to get online RSVP.

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You can set up a website with weddingwire and do an online RSVP for free. (That's what I did, at least for the informal responses.)

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I'm hesitant to use the wedding wire RSVP because anyone can search a name and RSVP yes or no (or change someone's response) whether or not they are the actual invited guest.

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I have done a lot of research myself for a free RSVP system. has the safest set up. The guest must enter their last name and a unique/individual code in order to respond. The code is automatically generated when you enter their information in the system. Entering everyones information is the only pain but that is with all sites. When each guest responds, they will get a email confirmation as well.

I have tried ourweddingday. weddingwire, and mywedding... the problem that I keep getting is that the guest list is exposed and anyone can RSVP. With, you can even put a limit on the guest they can bring from 0-5.

See if you like it. Good luck!

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Lady B - I created my own website with an RSVP page and thought about doing the codes, but I didn't know how to distribute them to the guests. Do you just list them in the invitation? I was afraid that would look tacky.
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Yes the wedding wire rsvp you can look up anyone my fmil was doing just that looking up everyone she knew and was emailing me over and over telling me she didnt see so and so's name on the guest list sheseriously drove me nuts!

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I was worried about the tackiness myself. My Invites aren't going out until August so I haven't finalized how I will do it yet. I am thinking about including an insert card. There will be enclosure cards anyway for directions and such. I will probably use blank card/paper and print them out on my computer. Each card will say the guest name and code. I will either staple, paperclip, or insert the enclosure card with the invite.

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I have a website through wedding wire and what I did was use the "Contact Us" tool, changed the name to "RSVP" and then had a short blurb of instructions. The guests then just sent a message through the website that went straight to my email and no one could search the guest list

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oo, yes! That works really well (using contact us tool)! The only drawback here is that you don't end up with a nice spreadsheet of all the info...but it's a small price to pay. Thanks everyone for your help!

Tamar Carrero
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Yes...because of our limited budget, we are taking advantage of the wedding wire online RSVP. I know some of the people posting on various blogs are saying it looks cheap or that you should offer online and RSVP cards. I know return stamps and RSVP cards are going to cost us ~$180 but with our small budget, that could really be spent elsewhere. Anyhow, what I am hesitant about was people posting that it was possible to search wedding wire's guestlist. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I tried google searching it but didnt see anything. I want to make sure thats not true and if so, how I can avoid problems.

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great idea of using the contact us for RSVP - thanks so much!!
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