Type in your FI and your birthdays and see if your wedding date is lucky :)

Kinda fun

Married: 10/02/2014
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Married: 05/18/2013
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Mine was not. Uh oh!

Married: 11/02/2012
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Our date is lucky according to it.

But it also stated the obvious, which I found amusing:

Groom - you will have a big event/plans happen on this day

Bride - this day will be huge for you financially

Yaah, no s#!t, Sherlock lol!

Married: 07/13/2013
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Our date was lucky...and it stated on our date its a good time for the groom to start somethign appropriate :)

Married: 10/15/2013
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It said our date was unlucky - but it talked about freedom for him and letting go of the past (I don't see this as a bad thing) for me it was financial (well duh)

Married: 01/13/2013
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2013 is OUR year We got an 8!!!!!

A personal year, month or day of 8 is a number of wealth, power, fertility and good luck. When China hosted the Beijing Olympics the games began on 08/08/08 for this very reason. In east asia 8 is considered very lucky. It represents the infinite in it's shape. As the symbol for infinity it is an auspicious number for creating an ever lasting union. Every marriage and every wedding day needs some element of luck and the 8 carries it like no other number.

This is my 3rd sign this year saying that I will be with child next year!!!!!

AND for my wedding Date We got a 4

The 4 of Wands, 4 of Rods or 4 of Batons is a card of structure, security and firm roots in a home or work place. The element here is Fire which relates to home, community, work & creativity. The aspects of the numer 4 in numerology are patience, endurance, restriction, service, and rigidity. This 4 of Wands can point to putting down root in a new home so it can often appear when moving home or buying a home. It may even refer to a holiday home, time share etc. The 4 is a rigid and stable number and with the Wands it can represent the solid foundations of a home and family through marriage and commitments being made.
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Rachel S.
Married: 09/27/2013
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Welp Karen- I'm with you! Ours is bad too

Married: 12/15/2012
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Our is good!

2012 - 3 - joy, happiness for me 8 - wealth, power, fertility, good luck for him
Dec - 6 - family, home life for me 6 - unions, balance, diplomacy for him
15th - 3 for me (again) 8 for him (again)

Married: 10/26/2013
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Our wedding day is lucky, in fact I thought it was kind of cool what it said....

""The sun is shining for you! This is a day of happiness and social contact. It's a day to express the light inside of you. If you've been stressed or worried then today is the day to forget all your troubles and re-discover the happier sides to your life.

The 3 represents creativity. Unleash your imagination and envision the new. New ideas today should be the roots of the hard work of tomorrow's 4 personal day.

A 3 Personal Day is the best time to socialise and have fun. Throw a party or go to one on a 3 day. Go out dancing with friends!""

Married: 09/20/2013
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Wow, the #3 seems like a great day for a wedding.

We are lucky, I suppose. Our month and year are 6 for both of us - "a number of family, responsibility and the home. Of all the numbers in numerology this is the most auspicious for creating a home, settling down, and having a family. Try to have a 6 in both personal date numbers for bride and groom when picking a date for a wedding. In Tarot's Major Arcana The Lovers is card #6."

Our wedding date is 8 for both of us - "a number of wealth, power, fertility, and good luck. 8 is considered a very lucky number. As the symbol for infinity it is an auspicious number for creating an everlasting union. Every marriage and every wedding day needs some element of luck and the 8 carries it like no other number."

Married: 05/25/2013
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Our date was NOT lucky

Married: 10/02/2014
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Our month and day are lucky, but our year isn't. If you look to the right there is a box that lists all the lucky days of each month, kinda cool. BUT

We make our own luck and are the masters of our own destinies :)

Married: 09/07/2013
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mines is a match! yayy!

Married: 04/13/2013
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It said our day was unlucky but stangely his numbers and my numbers matched up exactly. It did like our month and year sayingthe theme of the month was party socializing and fun... that sounds about like a wedding should lol.

Married: 10/12/2013
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Our original wedding day was lucky for us 12/13/14. New date:

Mine: 7 Personal Day - A day of rest. Today is your personal "Sunday". Do not try to force ahead with your plans on this day because today is for contemplation, introspection and meditation. Plan ahead but rest today and wait for the next day to put plans into action. Today you must allow things to come to you, you cannot chase. Have a nap during the day, sleep in if you can or go to bed earlier!

FH:5 Personal Day - Freedom, travel, change and progress are the themes of today. Today you will want to run away from the burdens, restrictions and hard work of the 4 day. You are at the 1/2 way point of the cycle of 9 numbers. What you didn't get a chance to start on the 1 day you will have the opportunity to start today.

You should expect the unexpected. Travel somewhere if you can, a change of scenery will feel necessary today. 5 is the number of sexual attraction and today you will attract others.

Married: 02/02/2013
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It looks like 2013 is going to be a great year for me in general. It sounds like I might finally get my baby next year haha :)

Married: 11/11/2012
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Chinese calendar already says ours I'm good..

Married: 02/14/2015
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Lucky day for us! It's a 3 for me and an 8 for my man.

I installed their iPhone App version and it states that the month & year don't matter as much. Also there's not really any correct "lucky numbers".

The App lets you choose the numbers that mean something to you.

It comes with a guide to each number letting you pick what you are looking for.

Looks like the website is just a taster.

Very nice, not as negative as some of you may have found the website since you've taken it as your wedding day was either lucky or unlucky.

Laura x
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