Need DIY Chair Cover Ideas!
I just got a quote from our linen rental company and $1,000 for 200 chair covers seems a bit outrageous for our budget. The chairs are for the reception and are banquet chairs (provided by the venue). They definitely need something to make them look better, but they aren't hideous by any means. So I need some inexpensive ideas to spruce them up! Either DIY or something to buy! Share all ideas and pictures please!

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how about doing something like this with them...It won't cover the mall the way but at least it'll give them a different look

I know this is not a banquet chair I'm just showing the

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Those are really pretty Mayra!

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I think just buying tulle and making bows is each and gorgeous.

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I'm going to do something similar to this

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Check out this website:

You could basically buy 200 banquet chair covers for $390.00 well depending on the color and style u choose. I used them for a baby shower I did for my best friend. Excellent service and super fast shipping. Good luck.

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Thanks so much for the suggestions.
I'm really loving the tulle ideas,
Michele M.- I've heard nightmares about buying your own and then not fitting the chairs correctly. Should I be concerned?

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Yea that is a good concern Betsy, however the website I mentioned has measurments of the chair covers. Also you could measure your chairs and then see if they will work. Or you can order just 1 and see if it fits. Cuz like I said they range in price from $1.95-$4.95. Hope this helps.

Hayley C™
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Hi Betsy ~ welcome to WW

If for any reason they are not in the budget just skip them. It would be nice to use that money on your honeymoon.

See how once the room is filled with people you don't even really notice the chairs.
And the lights will be dimmed. And all the attention will be on you.

I've been to over 15 weddings in my life, and I can't even tell you the color of any of the chairs or even which, if any, HAD sashes. It is just not an important detail. And even when it is there, it doesn't leave an impression.

The Beautiful Bride and Groom, the FOOD, the Drinks, the Music, the FUN!!!! That is what I remember from a wedding. Not what the centerpieces looked like or what color the bridesmaids' wore.

~ something to think about ~

*picture taken from your venue's facebook

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This lady is selling 40 sashes for $1 each
I almost bought them but I didn't need 40.
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