large reception invite to all, small ceremony invite to family only - how to word ceremony invite?
I have more people invited to the reception than the ceremony so I'm going to be sending everyone a full size reception invitation and those invited to the ceremony (family)will get a smaller (reception invite sized) sized invite. I am having a hard time finding the wording for the ceremony invitation. Since I have the reception one with the parents names should the ceremony one just invite them to the ceremony with no "mr. and mrs. daughter invite..."? My reception is going to read

dad and mom bride
dad and mom groom
invite you to join them at a reception following the marriage of

So, how should I word the ceremony invites? anything would be helpful - thank you in advance!
P.S. Please do not reply if you are just going to say the way I am going about my wedding and reception is rude. The last forum I asked this question on did enough of that.

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I've considered doing something very similar, mainly because my FH is a very introverted person, I'm the out going one with a big family and a lot of friends and family. Maybe you could do something like this...

Dad and mom bride
Dad and mom groom
Invite you to witness the marriage ceremony of Bride and grom

date, time and local.

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Actually- I want to thank you! It's not uncommon, or rude to have a smaller ceremony and invite more guests to the reception! Most guests don't care about the ceremony anyway! They want to celebrate!

It is quite rude to do the opposite and invite people to the ceremony that can not attend the reception.

I'd do an invitation that says:

Please join us for the Private Marriage Ceremony of
Jane Smith and
John Doe

To be held

Reception to Follow

As far as the Reception Invite, try:
Mom and Dad,
along with FFIL and FMIL
Invite you to a Reception Celebrating the Marriage of their Children
Jane Smith and
John Doe

And on the bottom
Private Ceremony to be held Prior

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Either 2 kinds of invites, 1 reception card
or same invites & ceremony cards.
Depends on your preference or which would cost you less.

dad and mom bride
dad and mom groom
are pleased to announce

Bride Middle Last
Groom Middle Last

will be married in a private
wedding ceremony on
Saturday, the fourth of October
two thousand fourteen

Please celebrate with us at the
reception following the ceremony
at six o'clock in the evening
Harbor view Golf Club
8710 Harbor view Club Drive
Hilliard, Ohio

-or- another way to have all guests get the same invite

dad and mom bride
dad and mom groom
invite you to celebrate
the marriage of their children

Bride Middle Last
Groom Middle Last

at the reception following
the private wedding ceremony
on Friday, the ninth of May
two thousand fourteen
at six o'clock in the evening
The Hall of Casa Monica
Four North Bend Avenue
St. Augustine, Florida
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if 2 different invites.... the ones getting invited to the ceremony can have a more traditional invite with the ceremony address listed and ceremony time.

if all the same invite (wording with "private ceremony") You would not need a reception card for the reception only (that info is on the invite) You would just need wording insert for those invited to the ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Jones
invite you to witness
the marriage uniting their children
on Saturday, the eighth of March
at three o'clock in the afternoon
St. Mark's Methodist Church
345 Bender Avenue
Canon Bridge, Missouri

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I am having the exact same type of wedding.
A private civil ceremony and then a reception afterwards. we did it this way mainly due to financial reasons (ceremony is at city hall) and we put most of our budget towards the reception and party afterwards.
my invite was worded like this:

our wedding day, a new life has its start,
we'll share with eachother one life, one love
one heart

my name
FH name

will be married in a private ceremony
on this day at this time

please join us at the reception
following the ceremony

I sent out separate invites to certain people who are invited to the ceremony.
we havent had any people say anything bad about this way of invitation, only a few who didnt recieve the ceremony invite ask if they could still come to the ceremony.

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Thank you for all the replies, this helps alot!
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