Instead of Totes what about these? :) BM Gift
I found this super cute backpack on etsy but it didn't come in the colors I wanted, I search everywhere on there then I google searched what I was looking for and om my gosh I found the most perfect gift for my girlies!! :) I only have my MOH, and my BM so I don't have to worry about the price racking up too quickly, although they are a little more than what I want to pay, I think they are cute what do you think for $25 and I can add personalization to them!

I found them here:

The blue is for my MOH, and the Orange is for my BM :)

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Caylins Momma 28
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Cute, they remind me of Vera Bradley bags and I collect those bags :)

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I may have just internally screamed with delight.

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very cute!

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I like them. Where did you find them?

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I am glad you ladies like them :)

@ B'loved I posted the link above :) you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, I haven't ordered from that site so you may want to check it out :)

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Thanks Whitney. I was so excited about the tote, I didn't see the link.

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B'Loved its cool I would be too they are super cute! I am thinking about getting one for my self, :) but in the black and white, so it matches everything :P

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Very cute!!
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