How much, or what percentage of the total amount, was your security deposit to hold your wedding venue?
Hello! You don't have to give me exact numbers if you don't want to. My wedding venue is requesting a nonrefundable security deposit of 30% of my total cost to reserve the date. I wanted to know if:
1) This is fairly normal, or way too high;
2) How do wedding venues calculate how much security deposit to request;
Thanks in advance for your insight!! :)

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P.S. I accidentally posted twice because I can't figure out how to delete postings. Oops!!

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All places are going to be different my venue only requested me to put down $1,000 just to reserve the date then the rest is due 1 month before the event. Thirty percent isn't bad some places even ask for 50% deposit. Hope this helps.
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It depends on the venue. Some ask for a 250 deposit, some half. There is no rule of thumb.

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30%!!!! Non-refundable!!!! I'd definately think twice before you put that down, thats a lot of money to take a risk on. Now you said security deposit, there is a difference between security deposit and deposit. A security deposit is given incase there are damages or what have you at the venue, and has to be refunded to you in full given that everything is ok at the end of the event. Then you have a deposit which would reserve the date, and that a lot of the time is non-refundable. So I hope you meant to say just deposit and not security deposit, cause then that would be a see?Anyway, unless your total cost is going to be like $1k I would really think hard before putting down that much money. I mean what if you total is like $10k, you mean to tell me the deposit is $3k...non-refundable!! Thats OUTRAGEOUS!!!

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Hi Christina, in response to your post, I read the contract more closely and apparently it's a deposit to reserve a date, NOT a security deposit. I apologize for the mistake.

The 30% deposit is non-refundable, and apparently it's part of the catering contract (I'm having the venue do my catering as well, it's all one package). Basically, my catering, reception, and ceremony will all be held at the same place. What does everyone think?

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I'm pretty sure every place I looked at required at least 20%-50% deposit to hold the date and if canceled that was only refundable if they were able to re-book the date and make up the money they would have made on your wedding. But the previous post is correct about the importance of the difference between a security deposit and a hold the date deposit. Bottom line be absolutely sure about the date before booking ANY venue or vendor

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I had to put down $1500 & the balance was due 1 week prior to the event after I gave the final head count. My deposit was also non-refundable.

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30% sounds like a bit much to me...we only had to put down 10% initially, and then another 20% 6 months later. The rest is due 1 month before.

if you are sure of the venue i would say go for it!

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The church we reserved goes for $1200 for non-members, and since my fiance is a member, we only had to pay $600. The deposit was $300, or P, but that went toward the total cost. My advice to you, being that your wedding is in April, is to find a venue that you both love, yet make it within your budget. That is so much easier said than done! I would ask the venue you have in mind what this security deposit is for exactly- some people charge this for cleaning and damage security. Also as them if that cost goes toward the overall cost, or if it is extra. Good luck to you!!! I hope this helps!
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Ooh, that sounds high guys. I paid $1000 to secure my venue date. Good luck!

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It depends on the venue and where the venue is. I am getting married at my church in metro Atlanta, and since I am a member I only had to pay a $50 (refundable)deposit to hold my date. My reception venue is at The Georgian Club and since my Dad is a memeber there, we did not have to pay a site fee, but we did pay $1000 nonrefundable deposit to reserve the date. Both ceremony and reception venue security deposit together only came out to be about 3.5% of my total budget.

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