How Much Is Too Much For A Wedding Planner?
Is paying over $5,000 for a wedding planner too much? I'm considering getting a wedding planner that has been featured in many wedding magazines. She has many years of experience. I expected to pay a little more for her but she's wants to charge over $5,000 for a full wedding planner. Is this too much?

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The average cost of a wedding planner varies from state to state, city to city.
If this wedding planner is experienced and established and she has been charging this amount to other brides that could serve as references then its not too much. The thing you need to decide is if the planner meets YOUR needs, that you feel you can work well with her and if her fee fits in your budget, then I would say go with it.

To make yourself feel more comfortable about her fee, check with other planners with similar experience and see what they charge. Best of luck


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My first question would be why do you want a wedding planner????
Many people can do the exact same thing a wedding planner could for free... so I mean if you feel you could do without I would skip that... and use your money for other aspects of the wedding that are important to you.
Secondly, where are you planning on having your wedding???
Alot of venues include a wedding planner within the packages they offer especially many hotels so if you really into the wedding planner thing, think about going with something like that to maximize your finances...
I personally just dont see the point of hiring a seperate wedding planner... the whole process is so fun and something you should be in charge of not just a part of...
Just a suggestion... :)

Reverend Brian Cookson

Reverend Brian Cookson
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I can give you some national wedding averages: Traditional wedding cost $22,000.00, 174 guest, 12 in the wedding party, Reception 28.3%, Consultant (planner) 15%, wedding rings 11.5%, Bridal attire 7.7%, Photography 6.6%, music 5.2%, mens formal wear 3%, Clergy 2.2%. This is based on a national average. So look at your over all budget and take 15% for a planner. For example in this piticular case the cost for a planner would be $3300.00 for a $22,000.00 wedding.Some cases the planners fees include the cost of other wedding services too. Look at their portfolio and keep in mind their experience and how well they treat you. This is a very special moment and you both should be treated very well all through the experience not just before you write the check and the service attitude changes after the check clears. Also you want to make sure they can deliver the wedding you want. Don't be shy, speak up, be kind, and have fun. I hope this has helped. Good luck!

You-Nique Weddings
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I would say $5,000 is a bit much. As a wedding planner my fees are not determined by the budget, it is determine by what you need done. For example: One of my clients already booked pretty much all of the vendors needed for their wedding. They only needed someone to take what was already done, put it together and coordinator it all. Whether you have a partial, full or day of planner I think every wedding needs one. We are called "Buffers" because we smooth out all the Kiosk and problems that come up on your wedding day.
You need someone to handle all of the small, but important details. So I would ask your friends and family to see if anyone knows of a good one. If you need any more advise let me know.
Good luck!!

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5,000!!! just for a wedding planner my wedding dress or the place where i got married didn't even cost that much i think you need to look else were if you want a wedding planner my wedding planner was my mom and i

Planning Elegance

Planning Elegance
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I agree with Jessica, I think that's too much. But it does depend on where you live and how much planning you want done.
Here's a sample package: for LA and Orange Counties. It's something to compare your quote to. For $5000 that planner better be doing EVERYthing!
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I don't think it is too much. Is your wedding large with lots of details that the planner is doing for you? In my city that is an average cost.
To provide full service planning takes a lot of time to get the perfect event for the client. The planner is there to help you through everything and get the best available services for you. She is also there to provide you with peace of mind that everything will be beautiful and just as you want it.

If you feel you aren't getting your dollars worth, then discuss it with your planner.

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DC or not $5000....whoa that's a very big chunk of change. What is included in this fee? Are any vendors paid with this money? Does this include purchasing anything needed for the actual wedding? Or is the 5 grand simply her fee?! I would definately look around unless you are indepentently wealthy and the price doesn't bother you. But somehow I think the price does bother you or you would not have posted the question. I did everything myself my Mom is deceased & I couldn't or wouldn't spend money on a planner, I had a fairly small reception but my reception venue wasn't even that much money!

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Thank you all for the wonderful advice. I do live in the DC area and I will have about 200 guests. And she is doing almost everything because I will be out of the country for most of next year. I was able to negotiate with her and bring the price down some. I really appreciate all of your advice!!!

Pink Diamond Events

Pink Diamond Events
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Well, first there are many wedding planners that charge over $3,000-$10,000 to assist and planning or to do the whole entire planning with you not in mind. If you can afford it then why not, but if not you must think about everything about everything else that comes after the wedding planner, and if you plan to spend that much for a wedding planner then don't settle for cheap.

But look around for the right wedding planner, from a personal experience I went with my first planner and I fired her after two months. So be careful, and spend the money right!!!

Touch of Elegance

M2K Events

M2K Events
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As a wedding planner myself, we charge 10%-15% from the budged, if we have to do everything from A to Z for the wedding. IF its partial planning its negotible and with us its not writen in stone. Every wedding various, if you have a wedding that is simple and elegant its one price, but if a bride wants tigers and lions at the wedding (example) and flying clowns than it would be a different price. Every wedding is individual and its hard to say if its a high price for the wedding planner or not. Example: if you are spending 100K on the wedding than its pretty resonable, if you are spending 20K than its too much. We wish you luck and if you have any question feel free to contact us at anytime.

Catering By Design

Catering By Design, Inc
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Wedding planning fees vary from city to city and often vary based on the size and complexity of your event. Having been a wedding planner myself, I have charged $5,000 or in that range on several occasions. Consider the number of hours it will take to plan your event, and the level of service you will get for that amount of money. Overall, the most important thing you can do is make a decision based on your comfort level with that planner and whether or not the money is comfortably in your budget. While it's a great idea to hire a planner, you should not hire someone based just on their media exposure nor should you hire someone whose fees stretch your budget too thin. There are lots of reliable planners out there who can likely meet your needs at a fee that feels more comfortable for you.
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Hello Felecia! I'd say $5,000 is a bit much but it depends on exactly what you want your planner to do and where you are located. Some planners (myself included) base their fee on the bride's expectations by offering various planning packages. These may range from total planning, week of the wedding, or the wedding day itself. It's YOUR wedding. Make a list of things that you want and then talk it over with the planner of your choice. Do you have to have a celebrity planner? There's so much you can do yourself or delegate family & friends to do for you. I wish you the best of luck. If you need me... let me know.


Eventful Moments
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As a wedding coordinator myself with over 16 years expierence and a member of the ABC and without knowing what state you are in I personally feel that that price is right on..That's what I charge here in FLorida for a full service contract. You say that she has been in alot of magazines are these cover stories of other weddings that she has done and then they got published and is she a member of any assoc. (Assoc Of Bridal Consultants) or (Certified Professional Wedding Consultants) belonging to these groups we are required to have continued education--ateend conferences--participate in networking vendor meetings-- as well as a code of ethics and if we do not follow through with their requirements then we are unable to belong...I wish you and yours the best in your new adventure together...I hope this helped....

Stefanie G.

Ania Photo
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It seems like you already know that if you are going to pick a wedding planner who has been featured you can expect to pay more because they can command more.

The cost of wedding planning varies and their are many planners out there that are very good and have a lot of experience and don't charge as much. The most important thing is to make sure that you pay attention to those who have worked with them before.

Hope it helps,



La Isla Boricua Wedding Planners
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I agree $5000 is a bit much. I would do a little research to see if you can find a better price.
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What are your needs? How far are you with your plans? As a planner and event designer, the only time you pay for that package is if you are hiring her full service. You can contact me any time for advice and questions.
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