How Many stamps do I need to send our invitations ?
I am trying to buy some stamps online, I do not have idea how many stamps for each invitation i need, I know for the RSVPs I just need one of $0.44, but not sure about the whole envelope, It weights around 2 onces.

I was thinking a $0.64 stamp for each one, is that enought ???

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you'll have to check with your postal area and see how much that weight needs, you can looks at forever stamps too, you can pick your design and they are good...forever

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I would take one invitation to the post office and have it weighed to be sure.

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If it's under 2 ounces and pretty much flat, $0.64 would do it. However, if it's too thick to go through a Post Office mail machine, they charge extra. You'll really need to take one to the Post Office to find out.

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Also if it is a square invite it costs more.

I agree with everyone else. Take a stuffed envelope, with everything in it, and have the post office tell you how much postage you will need. Then you can order your stamps.

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It really is best to take one to the post office and let them tell you the correct postage, as a letter carrier I see a lot of invites that are short paid and get returned to brides for more postage and now it has an ugly stamp on your pretty envelope or even worse it arrives at its destination and then your guest ends up paying to get their invite.

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I put together one of my invites...just like it would be sent out and the post office was VERY helpful. It took all of 2 minutes for them to determine I needed 64cent stamps. They weigh it and have this little grid where they make sure the size warranted the 64cent stamp.

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I took mine to the post office to check on postage, since I'd seen other brides have issues. They told me the 44 cent stamp. We STILL had one invitation returned and one arrived to my uncle as postage due! It was really maddening since I'd taken the time to make sure we wouldn't have this problem. I don't think there's a solution, this is just FYI.

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I lucked out and mine made it with the $.44 cent stamp. But I took mine in and had the branch manager weigh it and when it was time to send them all out, I went back to the same manager and she made sure they went through

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Just take 1 to the post office to get weighed.

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take it to the post office. I made sure I picked invites that didn't need extra I could use the forever stamps....

Remember that stamps are going up in buy your forever stamps now :)
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