How long to get ready?
How long did it take you to get ready? Hair, makeup, dress, the whole nine yards. I'm getting ready at the reception site before I get married at the church down the street. They don't want us to arrive until noon but the wedding is at 2pm and I know that is not enough time. They said they can make exceptions in the time but what time should I ask for so I know I'll have enough? It would be the three girls in my wedding party and I getting hair and makeup done. We'd get our nails done the day before. THANKS!

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one wedding I was in was like that. We actually put on our makeup base (primer, foundation...) that morning and bridesmaids had hair done before we came (did it ourselves) the bride then had her hair done, BM's did eachothers makeup with a Ok from the bride for each person and then the bride had her makeup done. We all got dressed and were ready about 20-30min early which was fine because we had a few last second things that the BM's had to finish up before and the mothers came in with a special gift and a few pictures were done. We got that all done in 2 hours. But, if the BM's hadnt come with base makeup done and hair done I think we would have been another hour at least. I have asked my girls to show up completely ready excepting in dress at 11am for a 2pm ceremony. I HOPE things will go ok. LOL

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I'm having people come in and do hair and make-up (there are 4BM, 1MOB, and 1bride) they want to start 4 hours before. Are you getting your hair and make-up done by the same people? If not then maybe you can all get your hair done before hand and make-up done at the location..
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If you have a MUA coming to you to do makeup for four total, you will not have enough time, for makeup alone. I'm sure that there are some MUA's on here, but generally speaking it seems to take about 45 minutes per person for hair and makeup.

Dress going on takes longer than you think too. Then do you want formal pictures with the girls and yourself (this is pretty common)? Tag some more time on for that.

Drive back to the church, get unloaded and such, lineup... you want to be at the church about 15 minutes before hand.

If you're paying for that extra time, have everyone get their makeup done before they show up. That two hours is about the right amount of time to hang out and have fun getting dressed, pictures, reminiscing, EAT SOMETHING, etc.

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we are starting at 8 am. our ceermoney is at 140. we will be goign to a salon and getting our hair and makeup done an dthen goign back to the house to get ready and take a few pictures and EAT EAT EAT LOL! i went to my freinds wedding a couple years ago as a BM and we dodnt eat til 6 pm cause we were SO rushed! i made sure to give us lots of time!

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We are starting to get ready at 9am and my wedding isn't until 6:30pm. We are starting at the salon and there are 10 of us getting our hair done. Then we are going to my mother's house to get our make up done and to eat. Actually I will have to feed everyone twice at the salon too. I am providing breakfast and lunch and then snacks at my mom's. Then we will get dressed and have our pictures taken. That should get us to the church around 6ish or a little before.

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We're starting at 8 am for a 4:00 ceremony. My MOH and I are going to the salon at 8 so we will both be finished by noon (the same person is doing our hair). Then we are going to go to my hotel and eat. The MUA will be there at 1 to do my make up. We need to be at the church at 2, at which time I will get dressed and the MUA will cover up tatoos for two of my girls and touch me up if necessary. We will then start pictures at 2:30 and then have a bit of rest before the ceremony starts at 4. In all the weddings I've been in time usually is on crack and moves faster than usual! I wanted to make sure I allowed plenty of time and time to actually eat something before the ceremony.

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I am starting at 7 am... but I have a HUGE WP. 8 Bridesmaids, 2 reader/soloists, 2 moms, grandmothers, ME and a partridge in a pear tree... Hair people are coming at 7 am and makeup is coming at 9:30... we have to be out the door at 2... WHEW!!!

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LOL, melissa that was a mouth full. Im starting at 8am with base makeup, 9am hair appt, 10:30 back at home for some relax time, 11am girls so up with hair and makeup done, maybe dressed and I will finish my makeup, 12noom I get dressed and girls get dressed, 12:15 photographer show up and we take any getting ready photos (this might change) 1:15 show up at park for some girls only photos, 1:45 girls line up in barn, 2:00 I join them in line and by 2:15 ceremony in full swing. Invites said wedding is at 2:00. Figured in a few min's for people to get seated and stuff. I hope it works like this.

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This is all great info! I haven't quite gotten hair and make up figured out yet so it's good to read all the comments and get an idea of what's going on in other weddings!

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You need to keep in mind travel time for all your gals and your self and people who are coming to location to do hair/makeup, take in to account travel delays

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Hmmm...I have a bit more laid back schedule! My wedding is at 4pm. We are going to the salon at 11:30am for our hair (but this is because the salon has one person for everyone), be at the church by 2pm. That is the earliest we can get in. There we will get dressed, do last minute make up which will be done either at salon or before we go to salon...not sure yet. After we get our hair done - or while I am finishing up b/c I have the most hair - we will grab a quick snack and go to the church. We won't be doing all of our photos beforehand either though b/c he won't see me until I walk down the aisle. That is also why we are a little more lax b/c we won't have to get all the pics done in 2 hours. Some are done afterwards.

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here we get ready at the brides house. so we are doing our hair and make up in a salon but then we all go back to my house, have something to eat then we all get dressed and we are leaving for the church at anout 115...takes about 5 minutes to get there an din 30 minutes i am walking down the aisle lol!

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oops I'm sorry I forgot to mention that there will be two stylists

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Wow that really shined a light on alot of things. I had NO idea how long all this stuff takes but it does make sense. I think I will have us do the hair and makeup at the salon and then head to the reception site to get dressed, eat, hang out and do pictures. I certainly don't want to feel rushed or be late! This was so helpful!!!!! Thanks all!

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For myself and 3 girls, we are starting at 10am for a 6pm ceremony. One hair stylist, and one makeup artist. We will also get our nails done the day before, to save time.
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