How far in advance should guests RSVP?
Ok ladies,

Doing our invitations for our October 9th wedding...when do I ask that the guests RSVP by?

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Depends on when you need your final counts in to your vendors. But remember you may need some time to get a hold of guests who forget to RSVP. Allow your guests 4 to 6 weeks to respond.

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I did 3 weeks before and I gave them 2 months to respond. I have gotten almost all of mine back and my due date is next week on the 1st. It is really whatever you want. I am an organizer so I want to get everything done.

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You'll need to work backward from when you need to have the responses. For example, we needed ours at least 30 days before the wedding, because we were arranging accommodations for everyone, and that was the last day we could cancel without a penalty. If you're just dealing with giving the caterer numbers, check with the caterer on how far in advance you'll need them.

Once you've figured out when you need the numbers, set the RSVP date back a week or two from that, to give you time to call the ones who don't send back RSVPs.

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Dont have an answer but Im glad i saw this, we are starting to do our invitations and didnt think about that!!

I guess we will probably do 2 weeks before...?

We dont have a vendors or anything to get information to, but we would like to know...hmm.

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depends on when your vendor(s) need a final head count so find that out. In the mean time, you can have them RSVP the first week of September (Wedns, 1st-Sat, 4th).
That gives them 1 month & you/MOH/FS to call people up.
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