How do I tactfully tell people children are not allowed at the reception?
Greetings! My question is this how do I tactfully include on the invites that there are no children allowed at the reception? We have chosen a lovely venue that actually has a "Children's Club", which will allow parents to drop their children off and pick them up after the reception. They have an inddor pool, movie theater and dinner will provided. We will pay for the service. My issue is I would people to know that its not really an "option", its the rule. Our reception will be around a pool, and I do not want to be responsible for children thinking they can swim, or falling in- especially when there is an open bar. How can I say this on the invite?

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"Adults Only Please!" on the invite

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But shouldn't I mention that we are providing childcare? Its more that its available, but its not an option- if you are bringing kids, they MUST go to childcare...

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I would state "Adult only reception" on the invite. Or use a enclosure card to specify that the venue has a desiginated a space for children during the reception time.

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Tactful doesn't work...if you don't want kids you have to make it clear. Of course, people who just assume they can bring their kids rarely think these statements apply to them. Do what I did: I put my mother in charge of making it clear to certain people that they were not to bring their children. She has no problems being direct about it, and I don't have to worry about people taking what I said as a personal insult.

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Adult reception Only....any child attending will be provided with child care in the on site child care facility no exception.

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First of all your reception sounds REALLY nice. Can I come too?? LOL
Instead of adults only just say Childcare Provided. You can explain it more on like your wedding website, and definitely through word of mouth. I think its wonderful that you are paying for that service for your guests.

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I think its really nice of you to provide that service for your guests!
I dont see why they wouldn't want to comply.

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That's a good question! The only children invited to our wedding are the ones in the wedding...I'm still trying to figure out how to get that out and about!

Shannon S.
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We have a note on the RSVP cards that "____ seat(s) have been reserved in your honor." Most people will do the math and figure out that their kids can't come. On the website, we say, "Please note that the reception venue is licensed as a tavern, and as such all guests must be 21 and over and should bring ID. While children are a joy and a blessing, we will unfortunately be unable to accommodate them at the reception." Then we ask people to contact us re: babysitters.

Another big help has been being proactive - we reached out to parents in advance and let them know that we can't have kids at the reception for liability reasons. A few grumbled ("Its not like Baby is going to try and order a beer...."). But with plenty of notice, they've been able to work out alternate arrangements. The best thing to do is give parents the courtesy of advance notification - otherwise, they'll assume the kids can come, and then you have to dissuade them of the notion.

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I put 'Adult Only Reception' on my reception card. Also, let your family know, so they can mention it in conversation to other family members with children.

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How about "Adult only reception. Childcare will be provided to parents who bring their children to the wedding". I think if parents know there will be a place for their children, they shouldn't get upset because you guys are providing them with childcare. If they do get upset, oh well, it's your wedding and people have a tendency to not properly watch their children and such events. Trust me, I learned first hand.

Hayley C™
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It might take some work, but you can put "Adults Only Reception" on the invite and then have "stuffers" for the families with children. The add on card can have the details of the children's area and inform them that it is a service you are including for your guests.

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*at such events...

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Although we love children, We will be having an Adults only reception. There will be child care provided at the reception site. Please contact NAME at NUMBER for more info.
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