Honeymoon Cruise???
Hi!! We are trying to figure out if a cruise would be a good fit for us on our honeymoon. THere is one leaving from Galveston (Carnival Magic) for 7 days to the Caribbean. Neither of us have been in one before and we are afraid we could hate it and ruin our honeymoon. I have read so many reviews online and they are half great and half horrible... I guess our main worries are the cabins (level of noise, getting sick from the movement of the ship, not being able to rest at night), also about the privacy issue, too many people fighting to get some food or everything being too packed... Any inside from experienced cruisers?? We are picking that specific cruise because of the convenience, it leaves from Galveston which is close to us and it leaves two days after our wedding... HELP!

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Hayley C™
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If you get a cabin near the center of the ship you will be at the center of the pivot when the ship sways up and down, so you won't move as much as a room at the ends of the ship.

I never noticed a noise problem in the rooms. And for me the slow rocking put me to sleep. (but I don't have a motion sickness problem)

There really isn't any 'fighting' over food. I personally loved going to the formal dinners. It is like going to a fancy restaurant where you can order everything on the menu, Literally. I would get a cold appetizer, a salad, soup, and sometime 2 main dishes if I couldn't choose. It is a time to try something you've always been to afraid to try in the past (escargot). You have already paid for the food, so order what ever you like. You can split it with your hubby or offer the other people at your table a taste (family style dinner)

Even if you do the buffet dinner, there are still tons of tables and food.

The only thing you fight over is chairs by the pool.

Hayley C™
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I've been on 5 or 6 Cruises - they are so much fun! I hope you have a Great time!!!!
You don't get your luggage taken to your room until right before dinner.... so pack a carry on bag with the essentials (bathing suit, change of outfit, deodorant, camera, etc)

packing tips/food tips/what to do

more tips


I have tons of tips in those 3 links... don't want to flood this post.
PM me if you ever want to chat

~ congrats ~

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We are thinking about going on the same cruise just in October.Thank you Hayley for the info

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Alejandra, we have decided on a cruise wedding for 2013. Yet, we also have been on 3 crusies prior to the one next year. I can understand your fear, as many of our fears were similar when we went on our first cruise. To be quite frank with you- Your gonna love it! Our first cruise was on Royal Carribean Freedom of the Seas. This ship is very large and there were many people on the ship. Yet, there are so many things going on at the same time, that you don't really notice what is going on. Meal times, can be in a private restaurant, the dinning lounge, or on the upper deck. There is something for everyone and believe it or not, everyone is not doing the same thing at the same time. For newbies such as yourself go to:
There are many posts related to different cruise lines, pluses and negatives, what to expect, and wedding posts as well. I joined because I needed to get alot of feedback on wedding cruises. Hope this helps some!

Hayley C™
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@ Soon to be Mrs. G ~ I wouldn't do the Caribbean during hurricane season. If you want to cruise in October, I suggest the west coast - mexican rivera. I did a very nice 10 day Princess cruise during Halloween that was Tons of Fun.


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I love Cruises!I have been on proably 10-15 cruises. I am also doing a wedding cruise. I can honetly say I have never seen fighting over food. About noise levels in your room. I did go on one cruise where we had a suite and the balcony was over the promenade deck( that was not enjoyable because there was ALWAYS noise down there) but that was the only time I had an issue and really it only bothered us one night, after that we decided if you cant beat em join em. As far as motion sickeness I dont have an issue with it but I always carry dramine and take one when boarding just in case...once it hits you cant really get rid of it.

Exquisite Adventures Travel
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Get some non-drowsey motion sickness pills and take one the night before and another one about an 1 hour before you leave and your sea sickness worries will be gone.

You also have room service, use it. Fill out your card to have breakfast delievered in the morning and you do not have to stand inline. We use room service all the time.

Put a few extra bottles of water in your suitcase. Its always handy to have a few in the cabin.

Try to avoid rooms near the elevator, and the lower the deck the closer to the machinary.

Plan tommarows activities the night before. You will get a plan of the day the night before. Plan your day. Even if includes doing nothing till noon.


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We haven't cruised with Carnival, but we've been on Princess. My concerns were sea sickness because I get really bad motion sickness. If I'm in the passenger seat or backseat in a car, watch out, never mind on a boat! I called the doctor to get a "scope patch" and I was fine. You put it behind your ear lobe and change it out after 3 days. On our first cruise, the second day I had a little trouble as the patch fell off in the shower and I had to put a new one on and wait for it to kick in. I felt some movement and a little nauseous then, but other than that I was fine. We opted for an interior, mid-ship room for this in order to test it out. The second cruise we had some really rough waters and a lot of rain so I was so thankful for that patch. The comedians on the ship were even joking that you knew who the drunk ones were because they were the only ones who were walking straight! We were braver on this one and opted for a balcony room on the very back of the ship. Best decision ever!

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Both DH and I travel yearly. He and his former wife were major cruisers(and Sandals lovers). I have been on a few and I hate them, mainly because I am a lazy biotch who likes to wake up and park my butt on the beach, with a frozen anything in my hand, listen to the waves and read my book. We prefer all inclusive resorts. I hate surprise bar tabs. I

I also think the success of a cruise is all about the line you are cruising with and your cabin placement. There is a huge difference between Carnival, Royal Carribean, Norweigan and Windstar cruises.

If you don't drink a lot and you like to get off the boat and look around, a cruise is for you.

Good luck in your decision making process.

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I suggest going ahead and taking Dramamine before and take it daily. My 1st cruise at dinner I was getting nauseous and had to go to guest relations and they gave me some and told me to take it every 12 hours and I had no problems with motion sickness. My next cruise I took my Dramamine and I was good but we had so many ports that I didn't think I needed it anymore because I was on land so much. Well needless to say I was at Maya Chan beach in Costa Maya and we were taking a glass bottom kayak out to a reef to snorkel and I didn't feel to good and on our way back paddling in I got sea sick and that ruined my time that day.

I have never heard other people in there cabins or even going in and out of the cabins while in our cabin. I have never been on a carnival ship, they are more of a party boat so not sure about the fighting over food there but on Norweign and Royal Caribbean they don't have that problem. It is mostly older crowds that are laid back and enjoying themselves.

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We are taking a cruise and getting married in Nassau with all our friends and family.

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I love cruises and I love Carnival. We are going on one for our honeymoon. Just bring Dramamine in case of motion sickness. You can do as little or as much as you want. All kinds of entertainment. There is food all the time and I've never seen any fighting over it. Drinking can get expensive but you can usually bring some on board.

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I've been on 2 cruises and we are going on one for our honeymoon as well! Definitely check out Cruise Critic. They have great info on everything related to cruising as well as an awesome forum with LOTS of info for cruisers. I am addicted to that site as well as this one!

We are going to the Eastern Caribbean during October. Different parts of the Caribbean have different peak times for hurricanes. I found this article on Cruise Critic when researching our cruise and we're honestly not worried about it. http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=146
But it definitely is something to keep in mind!

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The good news about the Carnival Magic Ship is it is just a year old. I would concentrate any reviews only about that ship. I have only heard good things about it. I went on a cruise on their old ship. I rarely heard noise outside my cabin, never stood in line for food. Going in the summer and that close back to school could change that as the crowd might be a bit different - we went in May when the kids were still in school.

My biggest issue was i did not feel like we had much down time - there is always something to do or some place to be - it was always go go go. And there really is not much time on the shore leaves. We did love swimming with the dolphins in Cozumel and would recommend. The other to progresso was great for us as we (us and our friends we went with) found an umbrella in the sand on the beach in front of a restaurant with a waiter who for $100 basically brought the 4 of us anything we wanted - food, beer and tequila. We spent that day relaxing on the beach.

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If you drink - alcohol is expensive - bring whatever they allow you to bring on board with you. We smuggled some (vodka) in water bottles as well. Bought there soda plan and mixed our own. Our bar bill was still $1,000 - so be prepared.

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I love love love cruises! Me and fh are obsessed! We would of gotten married on one if my cousin wasent getting married on the Disney cruise a week before! We have only stayed in interior rooms toward the back of the ship and have been fine with it. On our first cruise I did got a little sick bc we were in this huge auditorium and the boat was rocking pretty bad. However that was the only time. Also eat as much as you can! We usually had 2 dinners lol. We would go to the buffet for dinner than to a show than to a Sit down restaurant! The food is amazing too! We have only been on norweigen bc they have te freestyle dinning and it was amazing! We cant wait to go on another one!

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we smuggle too LOL We bring rum runners filled with liquor. There is a website that sells them. Saves on the cost of drinks!

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I haven't been on too many cruises only 1 and I went this past summer on Norwegian.....I was nervous to just like you going on my first cruise because I do get motion sickness but honestly I didn't feel a thing and we were in the middle of the ship I believe so that could be why...we had a balcony so it was so nice to just go out and look out into the ocean and the ride was just very smooth! I actually went on my cruise right around Hurricane Irene and it wasn't too bad - one of the spots in Bahamas did get hit but we were still able to go to it later on during our trip. There was definitely no noise and all nights I slept like a baby! I know on Norwegian there is free choice so we were able to go down whenever we wanted but I believe Carnival you have to make reservations but there is definitely no fighting over the food and you can have as much as you want :) and yes alcohol is very expensive! If i brought drinks at the bar it was drinks that would get me really tipsy!
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I have been on many cruises and once a wedding/ honeymoon cruise. It's always a fun time and it's nice that everything in inclusive (except alcohol or gambling), but most cruiselines do let you bring either one or two bottles of wine or champagne per guest on board.

When you book your room, get one with a balcony if you can afford it. If you can't afford the balcony then ask for a porthole room. They are bigger than the regular windowed cabins and are towards the back of the boat in a quieter area. There are tons of sea-sickness medication you can bring aboard and if you forget it, customer service hands out the medicine for free. And most cruiselines give you the option to hit the buffets or dine in the restaurants for your meals. AND some cruiselines let you order two or three dinners and desserts so you can taste everything.

Oh, and tell EVERYONE you encounter that you are on your honeymoon because they sometimes will get you a drink or other freebies as gifts.
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