HELP! Engagement party? Bridal Shower? Jack n Jill? What does it all mean!?!
My fiance and I just got engaged and we are the first of our siblings to actually have a formal wedding. I have NO idea where to start. We got engaged in December and haven't started planning yet. We're working on a date and our budget now. But what do we do about all the pre-wedding events. Who plans the engagement party... bridal shower.. jack and jill? I don't really know how any of these work.Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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your MOH/BMs/our family member should plan the e-party.

bridal shower: another party planned by the above people. it's a party just for you, people usually bring gifts they find off your registry, play games, have lunch, etc

j&j: same as the bridal shower only your FI would join. also, instead of just girls... couples attend.

that help?

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Yes thank you!! When do we start registering for the wedding?

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My father hosted an engagement party a few weeks ago. My oldest daughter is already looking for ideas on the bridal shower. I don't think we will have a J and J.
You should register closer to your wedding. Otherwise you have to keep going back to the store to update seasonally. You might want to pick up a few books to get you started. I just got the new David Tutera book, The Big White Book. Really helpful. I also picked up a Wedding Planner/Binder at Michael's to start organizing. Hope this helps and Congrats.

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whenever you want. just make sure you have a wide range of prices ie. kitchen utensils which are as low as $3 (B3) - guests might purchase ~5 or 6 of these making 1 gift
depending on the bedding ya prefer: ~$30-100

up to dyson vacuums $400 (this is when a few guests would pitch in together). depending on which animal one, the most expensive is $550!!

also, register at ~2 stores or just the cash/honeymoon registries:
put your registry info on your website, NOT in the invites. also, word of mouth helps your guests. hope this helps.

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