Guest bring their own drinks??
We honestly won't have the money to buy a lot of alcohol for our reception, however we will be buying 2-3 kegs of beer. Would it be wrong of us to ask our guess to bring their own alcohol...I'm talking hard liquor and other things besides beer?

(I realize everyone have and opinion but please keep it polite!)

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I personally would not be offended if you said we are only serving beer , if you want something harder its BYOB but you know ur friends.. you also need to make sure its ok with your venue.. I'm not sure how that would work.

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Thats kind of tough to really answer, personally I would have a hard time doing it but I know the people I am inviting and if that was the case I dont think that they would mind. I would just feel bad myself for having to ask since it was my wedding and I invited them, you know your guest better than anyone and know how they would possibly react to you asking them.

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I would recommend spreading the word that it is beer only. I wouldn't ask people to bring booze. That's just a little... tacky. If you really think there needs to be more than beer, I would ask them to bring bottles to your shower so that you could use them at your reception.
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Before you do anything, you need to ask the venue if that is even feasible. I would think most places will not allow that.
For myself, I would just serve what you can afford, and not ask guests to bring anything else. We served beer and wine at our reception, and guests were able to go to the bar afterwards if they wanted harder drinks. No one had a problem with that. I think that worked out better than asking people to BYOB.

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We have already talked to our venue and they are fine with it. I personally like wine and will most likely have a bottle to myself that night, I'm just concerned that we will run out of beer. I do know half of my family will probably bring there own beer regardless just because they have certain kinds they like.

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You cant make it a cash bar? or free beer and a cash hard alcohol and wine bar?

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Instead of 3 whole kegs of beer, have you considered eliminating one keg and adding some boxes of wine in there, or making a Sangria?

I would def not ask guests to BYOB. Just have it spread by word of mouth.

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If you prefer wine, why not eliminate some of the beer (3 kegs is a LOT) and buy some cheap wine to serve?

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@Analy...Great minds think alike? lolol

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Right on Carole and Analy..usually people that drink, if they don't like beer will like wine and be fine with no harder alcohol there.

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As long as I know in advance, I have no issue with a beer/wine only reception. I am a Coors Light Gal. I would need to know for my FH, who doesn't drink beer, or inexpensive wine. This way he could smuggle in his flask. lolol

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I don't know if you live near a Trader Joes, but you can get cheap decent wine for about $3 a bottle. I bought 2 cases of wine and lots left over. I personally wouldn't be happy if beer was the only choice. I don't like most beer. Wine on the other hand... I will drink no problem. I completley agree with the girls. Cut one of the kegs and get a case of cheap wine.

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@carole b- i am also a coors light girl when i drink beer and the FH drinks that as well so thats most likely what the kegs will be!

after all the advice i think what we will most likely do is have 3 kegs of beer and if i can find cheap bottles of wine have 3-4 bottles of wine at every table! And if people do end up bringing their own alcohol of choice so be it!
Thanks again ladies!!

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you can add a little handwritten note to those closest to you and include with your invites. Say, "beer and wine will be served. This is a BYOB reception!" Have on hand mixers, like assorted sodas, juices, mixers, cut up lemons, limes, and jarred cherries.

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Oh you are all making me shudder with the cheap wine. LOL!
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If you're having a shower, make it a "stock the bar" theme.

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I'd do 2 kegs and spend the rest on red/white wine then you could inform your guests (even on your website) that they are welcome to bring anything they want aside from the beer & wine.

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That's a large amount of beer. How many guests are you having? Who is serving the liquor? If you don't have a licensed bartender serving hard liquor, it can be a problem.

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Most of all the guest (around 250ppl) drink beer that is why we will be having 3 kegs and we will place 3 wine bottles at every table! One of the kegs will be behind the head table just for us! As for asking guest to bring own alcohol i will most likely put a hand written note to closet to me saying if they want to bring alcohol of choice.

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I'm the odd one out on this one! but then again we are having a redneck wedding. On the maps we put that it is a BYOB event and a pot luck lol! With me alone having over 100K in medical bills we cant really afford to buy food and drinks. We figure that if people want to come then they can bring their own. I doubt this really helps you in your personal situation. But this is what was best for us.
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