Guayabera Wedding Shirts - HELP!
My FH hates tuxes and suits so, since we are having a more casual wedding he decided he wanted to wear a nice Guayabera shirt. Since we live in Colorado, there aren't any stores we could find that sell that type of shirt. We found an online store that made nice, linen, custom order shirts.

Well, the shirt came today and it is HORRIBLE! It fits at the shoulders but then to balloons out and my poor FH is swimming in it! He hates everything about it now. I called customer service and they said we need to email them pictures to see if it was an error on their part or if that's how the shirt is supposed to be. We still need our groomsmen to order their shirts so we don't have time to go back and forth with this company to see if they can fix the problem.

Should we just take it as a lose and find a new shirt?
Has anyone else worn Guayabera shirts for the wedding they were happy with? Where did you find them?

I'm trying to stay rational because FH is freaking out!

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Here's a pic of the shirt

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You can see the problem better in this shot.

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I know my dad has specifically mentioned Cubavera as a brand of guayaberas that he wears, they have a website, but I'm not sure what you're looking to spend.

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You may want to just look for linen...we were looking for guayaberas also and they were either poorly made or way out of budget. Macy's, JCP both had nice linen shirts but we ended up buying from K&G----caution about K&G, their sizes are completely inaccurate so do not buy online from them.

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JCpenney has nice ones...goodluck..dont let him wear the ugly one.

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you may be able to take it to a tailor and have it fitted/altered, a fairly inexpensive and quick fix

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My brother did the same thing and bought his shirt at JCPenney. They run a bit big, so I would order a size smaller. I think the one you ordered looks funny because guayaberas aren't usually long sleeved.

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My FH is happy with his and he ordered all the guys stuff from...
The material is very nice and everything fits well.

or, we've found nice things from JC Penney before.

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We did find some nice shirts on cubavera, thanks for the tip, although they don't have the fancy embroidery. FH just wants to call it a loss and buy a new shirt from there. Especially because we're worried if we're having this problem, our groomsmen might too. I'm determined to get the company to give us at least a partial refund. They say they are still "gathering information" but I have the feeling they're going to fight it. Fine by me, glad to vent my frustration on someone else :)
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