Grooms Pie?
So, my FH is NOT a fan of cake...but he LOVES pies. He said he would be ok with a grooms cake b/c that is tradition....but isn't the grooms cake about the groom? ;)

So, I thought about getting 3 of his fav pies and setting them on different level tiers as his 'grooms pies'.

Thoughts? Ideas?! Help!

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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Never seen it done before, but why not be a trendsetter?! :-)

Hayley C™
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Dec 21, 2010 at 9:48 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
It is nice of you to think of him and what he would like to eat. Some of the "charm" of grooms cakes are that they are decorated with a theme centered around the groom. My only thoughts are if you are going to be able to decorate the pies with a "theme." Are you thinking of having them at the wedding on the cake table or sweet table. Or are you thinking of having them at the rehearsal dinner? Again, very nice of you to think of him.

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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I'm all about being a trendsetter! lol!

I'm not real concerned about a theme for the groomscake...neither is he. I want to have them 'posted' near the wedding cake so people know it's his version of the 'groomscake'. Everyone that knows him, knows he doesn't like cake! Our wedding theme is a country vintage style, so I thought 'homemade' pies would be cute....

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We are thinking about using cheesecake instead of cake so why not pies instead of grooms cake? :) The catering company can decorate the cheesecake to look like a wedding cake. I say do it!

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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ooooh, I like that idea Miss Maui Bride!

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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Married: 05/27/2011
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we had thought about doing pie instead of cake. so i give you a gold star on the idea! LOVE IT!!!

Married: 09/24/2011
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Dec 21, 2010 at 10:08 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
It's his cake (or in this case pie). My friends son loves pie so that's what they always have for his birthday. The day is all about you guys so do what you want!!

Married: 03/26/2011
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I was thinking about doing the exact thing, Amy! My FH LOVES chess pie so I was thining about doing one of those and maybe a blackberry pie too... something like that. :) He's not a big cake eater either...

Married: 11/12/2011
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i have never once been to a wedding where tehre was a grooms cake, is this just the norm in some areas?

i say if he wants pie, get him the pie. make him happy it is for him :-)

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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Thanks girls!!

Married: 09/24/2011
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@Jazleen- I think it's more of a southern tradition, but don't quote me on that.

And NO!! You MUST have CAKE!! (lol)

Seriously, do whatever he likes. There's no sense in having cake if he doesn't like cake. I've been to a wedding where the groom's cake was one of those large cookies, it was a huge hit. I personally began wanting to do a doughnut cake, because I don't like cake much. But I've been convinced with the offer of a blueberry sponge cake. Mmmmmm

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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Giggles, thanks, now I'm hungry! Haha!!! I like the idea of a big cookie too!! Such good ideas girls! Thanks!

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I had groom's banana pudding. It was a huge hit. My oldest cousin actually came over to thank him for having banana pudding since its one of her favorite foods lol. Do what makes him happy.

Married: 10/20/2012
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Go with the pie. Our grooms cake is going to be cheesecake because that's his favorite. Whatever makes you both happy.
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Hi Amy,

I just did a commitment ceremony where the couple had pies instead of cake. It was beautiful and of course different. Take a look at the pictures on my website.

Best Wishes,

Rev. Carleen Burns

With This Ring
Dec 21, 2010 at 8:13 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
I have seen both the cheesecake and pie ideas. Go with what you love!

Married: 06/03/2011
Dec 22, 2010 at 12:35 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
I love that idea. My fh isnt a fan of cake either. I am actually doing a cheesecake.

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
Dec 22, 2010 at 11:34 AM • Flag As Inappropriate
Thank you girls!!! I feel much better about my idea! ;)
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