grooms parents obligations / customs
I am the mom of the groom and want to know what the customs or obligations I have for the wedding or pre-wedding.

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FMS, the barefoot wife!
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Post wedding, the grroms parents usually host the farewell/day after brunch. Lots of couples open the gifts at this time and what not. Also host an engagemtn party, but these are totally optional, if these intrest you, ask your son and Future daughter in law what they would like.

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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sorry! I ment the *grooms parents*

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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oh boy, I also ment to type *engagement* party

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I found this website helpful, it outlines who traditionally pays for what in a wedding.

Mrs. Carmen
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You're also supposed to provide accommodations for out of town guests.

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I think the rehearsal dinner is a big one that the groom's parents usually pay for.

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In my bridal book it has a list of "Who Pays For What".
Groom's side pays for

* Rehearsal Dinner
* Wedding Gift for the bride and groom.
* Wedding ring for the bride.
* Groomsmen gift.
* Bouquet for the bride and any corsage.
* Corsages for the mothers and grandmothers.
* All boutonnieres for dads and groomsmen.
* Fee for officiant.
* Marriage license.
* Cost of honeymoon.
* Travel expenses for groom's family.

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Are you asking what your social role is or what your financial role is? Not sure how to help if it is your social role, but if you're asking about a financial role, here are my two cents:
While some places/people will say that a groom's parents are expected to pay for X, Y, and Z, I think that you should consider carefully what you are able to contribule. I don't think couples should go into debt planning their weddings and I don't think their parents should do so either.
My FH and I have planned all along to do it all ourselves, but his parents offered to take care of our flowers. While we didn't ask for it and didn't expect it, we are very grateful for that gift. If you wish to contribute financially, that's wonderful! Just be sure to contribute only what you can comfortably do.

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I agree with Jessy. Sure there are lists and instructions you can find online and everywhere else, the most common one you'll find is it is traditional for the grooms parents to host (i.e. pay for) the rehearsal dinner. HOWEVER, whether or not these traditions are followed totally depends on the couple, they're (and your) expectations, and everyone's financial situation. Have a sit down with your son and his FW to have an HONEST discussion about what you are willing/able to contribute, and to ask them what they're looking for from you. Regardless of the dollar amounts or amount of work you do (both can DEFINITLY vary family to family), it's important for everyone to be on the same page as far as expectations. Congrats and have fun!
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