groom attire: no tux, no jacket...too casual?
My FH NEVER wears long pants or jackets, even in the winter (he's one of those extremely warm blooded type of people) so I don't want him to be uncomfortable during the ceremony. I was thinking just having him wear black dress pants, a black long sleeve dress shirt, and a colored tie. Our wedding isn't really "casual" so I'm afraid he will look under dressed?

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It will definitly a more causual look. I would have him wear the tux for the ceremony at least and let him take the jacket part off for the reception.

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I agree that a jacket should be worn for the ceremony, my FH is ALWAYS hot hes a little worried about being hot at the ceremony but i assured him he would only be in the jacket for an hour max and hes more than willing to make the sacrafice, Ill put ice packs in his pockets if need be lol just kidding about ice packs but im sure your FH will be ok, the last thing you want is him to look back at pictures and say "damn, i shouldve worn a jacket"
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What is your attire? Is it a formal wedding dress? I would have him match you regarding attire. If you're wearing formal wedding attire then he should too. He can certainly take the jacket off during part of the reception.

A suggestion from a formal bride, make sure you have a pair of comfortable shoes to change into during the reception. You'll be glad you did. Just think about how long you're going to be on your feet.

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My FH sweats in 50 degree weather, he's strange lol.
But he's going to wear the whole tux for the ceremony, but take off the jacket and maybe even roll up the sleeves for the reception. It's also going to be in the evening so hopefully it'll be cool enough that he won't be dying.
But if you're wedding is supposed to be pretty formal, I'd at least have him try on a jacket/suit to see how he feels, and if he could stand to wear it for just the brief ceremony and then let him change/take off whatever he doesn't want to keep on, for the reception! =)

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I had a friend who got married and for the ceremony her husband wore a tux but for the reception he changed into one of those t shirts with the picture of a tux on it. It was cute and sort of a compromise for being super dress up earlier.
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