Dress Fitting & Losing Weight
I bought my dress off the rack 4 months ago. At the time it was super tight. My mom couldn't zip the back only the girl that worked there could get it closed. I bought it anyway and have now lost 11 lbs. I went to my fitting today and not only is there no problem zipping it up, it needs to be taken in a bit. (At only 5'1", 11 lbs is fairly significant.)

I'm excited I've lost this weight but now am worried the dress will be too loose. I would like to lose at least 5 more lbs. The wedding is only 2 months away so I don't have a lot of time to wait to get the dress taken in and the woman told me they get really busy during April & May because of weddings & prom.

I don't want to stop trying to lose weight. (I've changed my eating habits and now the weight is just falling off. And in order to not lose more weight I'd have to start eating bad again.) But since the dress is strapless it is important that it fits snugly so it stays in place. Has anyone else had this problem? Help please!

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Any ideas or suggestions, ladies? Please. I know other brides have been losing weight before their big days.
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Just make sure that you schedule your final fitting very close to your wedding date, like within a week. You can get started now, just let her know that you have been losing weight, so that she is prepared to take it in again if need be.

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My alterations person has suggested wearing a bulkier bra if I loose weight (my dress is strapless and fits perfectly now, but I am still two months out from my wedding). So that could be an idea! :)

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Agree with Analy. Have a fitting and major adjustments made 1 month before. It should take about 1 week to do that, and if need be, have it minorly adjusted the week before the wedding.

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Mine is a little tight & I need to lose at least 10lbs in 2 months How did u do it?

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Yep you may need to go in for a fitting right before the wedding. I got my dress in January. My mom could barely zip it up. I've lost 20 pounds since then and the dress is loose on me. The weight loss made my mom have to bring up the hem a second time because it fit longer now that my tummy went down. My weight loss was due to my doctor having upped my thyroid med (recently diagnosed and still trying to figure out the correct dosage). Now it seems to have gotten my metabolism back on track and I'm losing weight like crazy.

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@Tramaine: When I've tried in the past, I tried to be too strict and change too much at once and that always leads to failure for me. I think the biggest thing I've done is eat LESS at each meal. I had gotten into the habit of eating so fast due to always being on a hectic schedule that I would always over eat. Now I eat a small amount and stop. It takes a little longer to get that full feeling but it comes. I also try to make smarter choices at least a good portion of the time. I cut out a lot of sugar by drinking water with all my meals. And I stopped eating dinner right before I go to bed. Now I try not to eat anything at least 3-4 hours before going to sleep.

@Everyone: Thanks. I guess I will just have to go back right before the wedding. The alterations lady was trying to discourage that because it's her busiest time of the year, but oh well.
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