DIY Embossing napkins (pic)
Is anyone else embossing their napkins? I love this DIY! It's soooo easy and pretty cheap too! I embossed napkins for my sisters wedding and I'm using the peacock feather stamp and ink pad for multiple other projects I'm working on, so I am really getting my moneys worth! Here's a pic of what I've done so far. The pic isn't that great, looks much better in person! I'd like to find a cool "S" stamp to put in the bottom left corner as well. What to you think?

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I like it! Is it a paper napkin? Good work!

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Pretty cool.

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i love embossing!!! looks great

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That's cool. What kind of ink do you use? I would love to learn this technique.

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Thanks! It was so easy and so much fun to do. FH helped too, he did a fantastic job! rlg510, they recommend you use a slow drying ink so that you have time to pour on the embossing powder. I couldn't find any at Michaels's so I just used what I had on hand. It's Craft Smart brand, quick drying ink pad. I got it from Michael's for $2. It was actually the cheapest one and it works great! I used Stampendous brand embossing powder, in the Detail Silver color and it was perfect. Basically all you do is take your rubber stamp, press into ink pad, stamp the napkin (apparently you can emboss certain types of fabric as well) then quickly pour the embossing powder on stamp, make sure to cover it very well, then just dump the excess powder back into the conatainer. I blew lightly on the napkin just to make sure I got all the excess off the napkin, whatever powder is still on there will be embossed if you don't get it off! I spurged and got the embossing gun from Michael's (some say you can use a

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hair dryer, but it doesn't work as well) I used my 50% off coupon and got it for $15. You turn the gun on, let it warm up for a second and slowly move it over the image, just make sure to hold the gun a few inches above it, not directly on the napkin. It takes a few mins to do a whole set of 30 napkins or so. The whole project cost about $20, which is cheaper than most custom made napkins and I get the color and design exactly how I want it!
Alexis, yes I used paper napkins. You have to be careful which napkins though. I bought some at Target but they were a little stiffer and the excess embossing powder wouldn't come off totally so it looked sloppy. The dollar store napkins were softer and I had no problems with them!

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I made mine with a Gocco and loved how they came out but the supplies can be a little pricey since they don't make the Gocco anymore and supplies are limited but regardless I love how they turned out. I printed a few other designs as well but here are three of them.

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I think yours turned out great! They look good!

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Nice work, I read somewhere that Archival ink is good to use, as it won't come off on people when they use the napkins.

They look great. I was thinking of doing that as a project too.

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I hadn't thought about this! What a great idea! I love the peacock feathers - great job!

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Mrs. K, those look great too! Anyone know where I can find an "S" stamp? I looked at Michaels and didn't see any. I'm gonna check out Joann's and Hobby Lobby too.

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those are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They look great! :)
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