Caribbean Honeymoon help!
My fiance and I are trying to plan a honeymoon, so stressful! We want to be in the caribbean somewhere, that we know. We'd also like a cottage type place to stay where it's just us, we don't want to stay in a hotel. A walk out to the beach would be ideal. Does anyone have any suggestions??? It would be nice if this trip didn't "break the bank" either haha Please help!

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there are tons of all inclusive resorts that are aimed towards honeymooners and couples. just google all inclusive adults only in caribbean.. and btw u might want to rethink the cottage idea.. just cuz there are lots of things in a hotel or resort style place that you might miss... i feel like a cottage you wouldnt have any of the perks of being on vaca.. like room service, not having to make your own bed, those kind of things :) just a thought! there are places that have little cabin type things that still have these ammenities, maybe thats what you were thinking and i was thinking something totally off haha hope you could understand this !

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We did the Bahamas, which isn't really the "Caribbean" so to speak. Originally we thought Jamaica or Dominican Republic but after talking to other people and my friend's husband who travels to the Caribbean for the Coast Guard we went with the Bahamas for safety reasons and because we want to be able to travel outside of the resort. Whatever destination you choose make sure you really look into the safety of the area! We ended up shelling out the big bucks and doing a Sandal's resort, but as GBAC said most Caribbean destinations have plenty of cheaper all inclusive resorts.

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Thank you both for your comments! Those are valid points about staying somewhere without the amenities because it's separate. We're hoping to find somewhere on a resort but that has more private areas as well. It's so true about safety these days. We have been giving serious thought about Sandals in St. Lucia. My only reservation is that it is so expensive. I'm fine with paying the high price so long as it'll be worth it. When you go online, theres always negative and positive reviews and the negative ones make me very nervous! How did you enjoy Sandals?

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Kristin we are both "Kristin G's" and we both have Oct weddings. How funny is that :)
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