Brothers sisters...flower girls and ring bearers????
I wanted some unbiased advise. We are having a casual out door wedding, we have a 2 year old daughter who will be the flower girl and bc we dont have any little boys her age my brother who is 8 was going to be the ring bearer. My other brother is going to be a groomsmen (my fiances decision) but he has a 14 year old sister that i dont know what to do with. If it were up to me she just wouldnt be in it but im afraid that because both my brothers are in it someone is going to get upset. I felt like she was too old to be a flower girl lol and thought it would look weird to have the three of them walk down together, i like uniformity. Is it ok to not have her in it? WHere could i put her? Should we cut a brother? We arent doing bubbles or anything so i dunno..

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If you're having a bridal party I would put the girl in it at 14 it would be a highlight in her life. I think it will cause friction if your siblings are in the wedding but not your FH's siblings. My way of thinking is all or nothing. But in the end it is your wedding to do with how you please. Good luck.

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Don't feel obligated to have ANY one in the wedding. If you think that this is something that you will stress over the rest of your life if she is not in it, have her be a junior bridesmaid. Otherwise, don't worry about it. It is your wedding.

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My husband and I had the same problem with his sister! His brother was BM and my brother was an usher but we had nothing for is 12 year old sister. we knew she would be crushed if she wasn't in the wedding so we had her pass out programs to guests as they entered and we also picked a short poem and had her come up and read it during the ceremony to lengthen our ceremony and she was exstatic (sp?) anyway hope that helps give you some ideas and I can totally feel your pain!

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Maybe including her as a Jr. Bridesmaid, maybe that would make her feel included, or Greet guests as they come in and read someting you've included in your ceremony. My 11 year old brother was my sister's Jr. Groomsman and since I was in the bridal party as well, we got to walk down the isle together, which was really special too. I'm having the same dilema with my hubby. I want all 4 of our siblings included and he is unsure of having his brother in it and his brother is getting the same day as you and my hubby is his bro's BM. I even feel akward asking my BIL's wife to be a bridesmaid if my hubby is unsure of having his bro in the bridal party or not. I hope there is something you can come up with. Congratulations and I wish you the best.

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Well have you thought about making her a Jr. BM or either letting her pass out the programs,maybe let her read a poem but i guess as long as your FH is not insisting that she be in it if you dont like any of these ideas she just doesnt have to be in it.Its your wedding do whatever you like.

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thank you all! This helps i think we will have her hand something out and maybe read something..i am not sure why i didnt think of that!

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I kinda have the same issue. I have two 2 year old nieces that will be my flowergirls and a 7 year old nephew that will be the ring bearer. I also have 12 and 15 year old nieces that I decided to make Junior Bridesmaids.

I think the 14 year old should be a Jr.Bridesmaid.

Hope that helps...
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